News Report: How to protect yourself from an attacker

This TV station interviewed someone from a firearms training center about how to protect yourself from an attacker:

The advice was a decent start, but there was no mention of carrying a concealed firearm or any other weaponry.

What other advice would you give someone to protect themselves in a hotel?

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I suspect that the interview was highly and selectively edited.

What he said is certainly good advice but it won’t stop a determined attacker and honestly most people lack the situational awareness to detect trouble before they are already “in trouble”.

Avoidance is great but you better have some skills and proper equipment when it fails.


From the story it sounds like she may have spotted the guy before she entered the hotel. If distance would have allowed it I would have not used the main entrance to the lobby but rather a side one that required a key card to open the door. If the guy wasn’t a registered guest he would have lost the trail at a locked door.

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I would say check in or go to the lobby where there are witnesses. Sit down and watch him, letting him know that you know he is there. If this does not get rid of him let Security handle it.

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You wouldn’t know it from the story or from looking at the hotel’s website, including the hotel’s policy page, but it is a no firearms posted location and they have the force of law in Tennessee. That is why it was conspicuously NOT discussed.


I suggest one of these. When my fiancee’ and I travel we take it just in case.

Hope you don’t mind I edited the link so it shows the product, @Maurice1! ~Dawn


Stay where there’s people if you think you’re being followed, don’t get isolated.

In general if I’m in the hallway at a hotel and there’s someone else in the hallway, I don’t open my room door. If they’re going to assault me, my chances of getting help are better in the public space than if he gets me behind my locked room door. In the hallway I have escape options, and I can bang on other doors or walls and make a scene.

If I’m in the hallway and I think I’m being followed I’m going to try to get back to the most populated place like lobby or lounge if I can, not go to my room.

And, of course I’m carrying.

Never been in that situation in a hotel, but I’ve been followed a few times in my car and once on foot… get to somewhere public works.