Holsters for Sig Sauer 1911 TACOPS Carry

I can’t seem to find a good holster for this pistol. I’ve ordered 2 so far and neither of them adapt for the rail that’s on this one. Any ideas?


Leather? Kydex? OWB, IWB? What is your carry preference?

Most of holster manufacturers have list of firearms. If you do not see the model, just look for 1911 type.

Fe. Alien Gear has it listed like this:


Did you order Kydex holsters? Are you open to leather holsters?


I got a kydex that’s supposed to work, but it didn’t. I’m open to most anything, but prefer a paddle holster for this one. I’ll look at alien gear again. I have some of theirs for my other guns. Their paddle holster looks a bit bulky though.


The latest I got was one from Fobus that’s supposed to work with the rail, but didn’t.


I’ve been always using this Company:

Tucker Gun Leather

They have EVERYTHING ! If they don’t, you call and they make holster for you :+1:t2:

I can see paddle holster listed for your SIG:


If you are not sure about the purchase - call them, they’ll find the correct option for you.

Do not expect holster to be delivered before Thanksgiving :expressionless:


I will second Tucker Gunleather.

Not sure what holsters you are ordering, but I will point out some differences in your pistol. First and foremost, the slide is not a standard 1911 profile, so a ‘1911’ with rail holster will not fit. Second, the rail is a bit different (length) that what you generally see on other 1911’s. Far easier to find holsters for them than 10+ years ago. Then you had to look for Sig 1911 GSR (Granite State Rail). Love my Scorpion! Hope that helps you some.


If you call them with the model of the firearm, they will make a holster for your exact tool.
I was in the same situation recently looking for the holster for Rock Island 1911A2 TAC (5", full rail, double stack) - 1911 in the shape of 2011…
After nice conversation with Tucker’s owner they added the model to their list and made holster for me.

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C and G holsters makes kydex specifically for the sig profiled 1911 slides.

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