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When you exercise your rights and take personal responsibility for your safety, important decisions must be made. Obviously, choosing a handgun is important. But for beginners, choosing a holster is near the top of the list too.

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When I first got my firearm I started out with that outside the waistband holster just to get used to having a gun on me then like 3 months later I bought a inside of the waistband holster and I wear appendix carry I’m very comfortable with using that one now they both had what the head retention


William what holster did you go with. I’m curious. I use a Tulster AIWB

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I have 2 craft master holsters they are leather and the breaking in time is next to nothing !

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I have a Crossbreed Mini Tuck for a SCCY compact 9mm. Much more comfortable than I would have thought. Can carry all day. Even sitting in a car for extended periods.

Offered from personal experience:
I would urge people to get a holster with some sort of positive retention of the gun.
Winding up in a ground fight and hoping that the gun does not fall out of the holster, or become an easy item to snatch and use against you is not a good experience.

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I tried a CrossBreed IWB, but it doesn’t work with my current jeans. I was so tight that when I holstered the weapon, it would press the magazine release. Not good, and I didn’t want spend a couple of hundred dollars on new jeans. Got an Alien Gear OWB holster, but it’s so rigid that it can be uncomfortable sitting for long periods. Now I’m looking at the Galco leather OWB holster. I’m a newbie, and now I understand why some of my friends have work buckets full of holsters. :grin: