Holster for short people

I am short and I find that with a side holster, I don’t have enough room to pull the weapon out cleanly. I tried a shoulder holster, but most of those don’t fit.

Anyone have any ideas for a good carry holster? I am looking for a real nice leather cross draw as I drive quite a bit and find the the cross draw the most comfortable.

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You may need to custom order a low ride holster from a custom maker. Look up Savoy Leather, off the top of my head they are one of the better “known” leather holster makers out there. They can probably work with you.


I think this depends on the size of your gun. I use a 32, and thinking of moving up to a 380. I get the small leather holders that I can put either inside or outside my waist band. I’m 5 ft, and female, and you know how we like to show off our girlie figures, then I go with the inside. I shoot with either hand. It’s good practice. Broke my right arm, and trained with my left for a month. Still train with both hands.


You might want to consider some sort of belly band holster and perhaps a smaller carry gun if you’re not already carrying a sub compact.

Before spending money on a custom holster I’d suggest some practice from a seated position to see how practical cross draw would be for you. In many cases it can be very difficult depending on one’s size and build to easily access a cross draw carried handgun from the seated position.

While in your vehicle you might want to consider a concealed holster mounted between the seat and console, under dash, or under steering column holster.


I have a short holster from JM4 Tactical and it fits my gun really great and it’s very comfortable. I bought one for my wife who is about 5ft flat and she absolutely loves it as well. She likes that it’s magnetic, so she can wear it with anything except for a dress. Maybe if she wore a skirt and a blouse it would work, but not with what I call a one piece solid dress.

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If you’re thinking of using/needing in in a vehicle, you may want an auto mount or magnet instead, for easier accessibility. You can put it back on your person before you exit the vehicle.

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Following as I’m super short waisted and have the same challenge.

We installed the Jotto locking holster in my truck and I love it! Here’s a thread with some photos Report on the Jotto locking car holster

We don’t have kids to worry about and live in a very low crime area. As a result we don’t have to worry about “unauthorized access” at home at all and only when we go to “the big city” in the vehicles.

Around the house I have “hide a guns” in every room secured by magnets in various places under desks and tables and one in a mounted holster on the interior side of the entry/exit doors.

As a result you’re rarely more than about six feet from a handgun or rifle in “ready to go mode” in my home and there’s always at least one each rifle, shotgun, and pistol in each of my trucks.

No, we’re not paranoid, we’re just prepared. :grinning:

Of course we live in a rural community where virtually everyone has ready access to a firearm and that just might contribute to the low crime rate some.


I carry using a crossbreed mini tuck at 4.

My concealed carry gun is a smith and wesson shield or a CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical depending on the situation. I carry both at 4 using a crossbreed inside the waistband holster.

My pant size is 30/30 so I am short and skinny. I find the holster works perfectly for me.


Hi @Jonathan4 welcome to the community! I will take a look at that one thank you :grinning:

Be careful with hide guns in the home, my father was a victim theft, he got his pistols back, but they made off with 5.

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It’s been our policy for over 20 years. Not much risk of that here as our schedules are very unpredictable and one of us is at home nearly all of the time.

I agree though it wouldn’t work for many people.

Another one of those “follow state and local laws, consider your circumstances, and use your best judgement” things.

My Dad’s thoughts exactly. He is retired and comes and goes at all sorts of times, He’s there a lot, he has 3 different vehicles and takes different ones most times he leaves. 13 year old kid broke in and stole the guns and money. The kid had been in the bushes watching him all day long.
Just a FYI. Oh, closest neighbor is over 1/2 mile away, and he lives 200 yards off the public road.

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@Jonathan4. Unless you wear your belt under your chin, 30" inseam isn’t short. I’ll pass on all the good natured jokes that come to mind lol. Sometimes we larger guys have problems finding what works too. Thank you for giving the word on what works for your application. That will be helpful to a lot of people.

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