Holster Compatibility Question

Hello, folks!

I recently got my first pistol, a Canik TP9sfx, which I’d like to have the option of carrying, and I need some info on holsters.

I’m fairly familiar with how to use firearms, but I’ve only recently started learning the technical information side of things. In that light, I have no idea what type of holsters are compatible with what pistols. I tried googling it, but it just brings up stores to buy holsters from, rather than showing me how to identify which ones are compatible with what guns.

I specifically need to know how to tell what holsters would be compatible with my Canik model, but general info on how to tell holster compatibility would be welcome too.

Thanks in advance!

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Go to some of the websites that come up. Most will have some kind of “holster selector” where you input the gun model. The two biggest questions to ask are
1.How will you carry(inside the waist, outside the waist, shoulder)
2.What materials do you want(leather, kydex, hybrid)

I recommend an inside the waist, hybrid myself. Any of the reputable holster makers like Galco, Alien Gear, Flashbang, and so on probably have something to accommodate your pistol.


I agree with @45IPAC . Additionally… do not be tied to one holster only. Try what you think would be good for you. If it doesn’t work well, try another.
Most of us already have a “special” drawer full of holsters. There is no such magic as the only one and best holster.

The other thing I’ve got in my mind - perhaps it would be a good option to buy OWB and IWB - then you can decide what works better for you. It may also happen that ranges won’t allow you to practice holster draws from IWB… so many variables…

The most important - buy GOOD and RELIABLE holster :point_up:


I’d like both an owb and an iwb, with both being kydex. For the owb I’d also like something that’s height and angle adjustable, as I have a belt holster that came with the gun, but it sits too high for a comfortable draw, and I’m a pretty small guy, so it’s constantly jabbing into my rib. I’d also like some kind of retention security on it. From what I’ve seen an ALS looks like it’d meet my preferences.

Thanks for the recommended brands. I looked on their sites, but none of them seem to have much for Canik when using their “shop by gun” features. Closest was Alien Gear, but they don’t seem to have anything for my model. I don’t know how specific I need to be with that or if it works for one model it’ll work for the rest of them.


Not sure what the problem is because I just did a search using Google and came up with IWB and OWB kydex. There are a number of options. You just have to bite the bullet and try them. If you get it and don’t like it send it back. Might cost a little but it’s what we have to do.

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I’ve found individual options for it, but I was hoping to learn things like “if it fits these gun/model, it’ll fit this gun/model”, and the like. I’ve only found one holster that seems to fit the bulk of my preferences, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t neglecting others that could do the same just because they didn’t directly say they were made for my Canik model. Like if it fits other Canik models, does that mean it’ll also be compatible with mine? Are there other non-Canik gun model holsters that are close enough that it’ll also fit my gun? Or am I strictly relegated to only the ones that explicitly state “this fits a Canik TP9sfx”?

I’m trying to learn how to identify what I can and can’t use, not just if ones made for my gun are out there.


I agree with all the advice you were given on the other posts. All the holster recommendations were good, but most importantly a good belt to go with the holster you choose.


If this is your first holster - just look for “Canik TP9sfx”.
This pistol is a specific one - has longer barrel than other TP9 models, so you may be surprised fitting it to “Canik TP9” holster. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: - especially with IWB when you find your barrel sticking out…

There are few holsters that may fit TP9sfx - fe “M&P Pro 5” or “Glock35”…but it’s not for you at this moment. Just don’t risk any discomfort.


The most important things are to be sure your holster choice has a full trigger guard and needs to remain open after you draw (no flimsy materials) so that you can safely re holster. Concealed carry expo will have a bunch of vendors to look at! Now you have an excuse to attend!


Try your local gun store for assistance. They might have something in stock to try. I have a local gun store that molds kydex to your gun (they use replica wood dummy guns to make the mold). They nailed it really good for my OWB holster for my Springfield .45 xds. Never had to try any other because I like it and it works great for me.


Most manufacturers website have drop down menus which allow you to select your gun make and model, including accessories.

I personally prefer going to a LGS where I can try them on for size but maybe subject to limited availability if my gun is not the flavor of the month.