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When setting out to choose a holster, there are a multitude of factors to consider. It must fit your body and your lifestyle. Seldom mentioned is how different body types (endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph) can affect your decision. The offset of the holster from the body can affect concealment and draw angle. And then there’s the material. When choosing a holster for concealed carry, the material the holster is made of is as important as the design.

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When considering draw, I’ve had two different Kydex holsters which fit so snug that they wouldn’t release. Some heat, wax paper, and time fixed this, but there’s nothing so disappointing as pulling so hard on your pistol that the entire holster finally snaps off your belt. :unamused:


I’ve had multiple of both types of holsters. I have had some incredibly tight kydex holsters, and some leather holsters that end up too loose. The last couple kydex holsters I have bought from Tripple T Holsters in Kemah, Texas, I have been more than satisfied with the quality and fit of them. Just in case anyone is in the Kemah area, they can make them while you wait! The one I bought today is perfect :ok_hand:
Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Tripple T Holsters, and am not receiving any perks mentioning them in any form.


Hummm, interesting. I didn’t know there was a Texas made kydex holster. I get all Crossbreed now and if you’ve read my other posts on this you know I have at least 2 OWB for every firearm I have. The reason, I still have 1 good holster to use while the other is shipped off for warranty replacement due to cracked kydex. They ALWAYS crack and break but under the free lifetime warranty I really don’t care.

My EDC holster, is on its 6th replacement, I’ actually waiting for one to be shipped back to me.

So, the Tripple T looks like it is 100% kydex, not a leather backer with a kydex front mold.
Is it as comfortable and leather against your skin?
Does it hold up better than the leather backer?
Do those screws and metal clips pinch or rub on your skin?
Do the metal screws rust or corrode?

It says this voids the warranty .“Alterations, modifications and/or …” I alter the backer on mine by cutting the leather down about 1/2 inch so as to seat my hand down better and unobstructed on the pistol grip. Do they custom make them, or have it so the backing doesn’t interfere with your grip?
Is the backer on an OWB protect the firearm fully from coming in contact with your salty skin?

Sorry for all the questions, but figured you’d give me the unbiased opinion rather than a sales dude at Tripple T.

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The ones I have are all custom fits to model. The selection boxes don’t have as many options as other brands I have seen, but you can email them and request a holster for your firearm, and they seem to respond quickly. The one I just purchased was for my m2.0 and x300…I took it up there because they didn’t have a light to mold from, but they are only 1.25 hours from me. It’s 100% kydex, but it’s comfortable and has a lifetime warranty. They have leather backed iwb, but I haven’t gotten one of those, so idk on that. The backing up the entire slide to guard against sweat, and so far the coating on fasteners is holding up well.

I’ll send a picture of the back when I get home

I used a phobus pattle OWB for about 3 weeks a while back for a specific need… and the parts of the firearm that came in contact with my skin rusted parts of the firearm, so it NEEDS to be protected from that.

Sooo, if they custom, if I brought them a crossbreed, would they be able to make the exact same thing out of all kydex do you think?

That sucks! I’m sure they could get you what you need. Shoot em an email, they’ll tell you for sure either way.

I have both types of holsters. To relax during this “Quarantine Season,” I’ve started making my own holsters after a long time denying myself that pleasure. I find photos of holsters that look nice, print them, then measure my handguns and get to work. After I get what looks like a good fit, I cut out heavy paper (old file folders) patterns, transfer them to leather, and make the holsters. I’ve gotten so many nice comments that I’ve already made two holsters for a friend and a brother-in-law, and now I have orders for six more for friends and their clients. I am now in the holster-making business…leather only. I’m also making complete “Cowboy Rigs” with cartridge loops. It is odd how sometimes, like the Bible doesn’t say (but says it in other words in several places), “When you’ve got lemons…make lemonade!” Every holster made so far has been a winner…almost! Twice now, I’ve been over-tired and got my patterns backwards on the leather and have made left-handed holsters by mistake! Oh well…

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I’ve started making “wet-molded” holsters for myself. This one for my 7-shot Taurus .357 revolver fits tight and is stiff, made of heavy (9-10 oz. leather). It looks nice and if I could stand on my head, it would not come out of the holster. I made it out of a scrap of leather I had left-over after a major holster project for a S&W Model 500 Magnum (the .50 cal monster) for a friend. THAT was a real project!Wet-molded Taurus Holster

The next web-molded holster will use slightly lighter-weight leather. This was a real challenge to cut out with an X-Acto knife!