Holosun to Hellcat Pro sans adapter

I got a Hellcat Pro (deal w/ 5 magazines) so I could put on a Holosun 507K optic. I got an adapter plate from CH. It seems the plate is needed just to accommodate the two little pegs at the rear of the cutout. Why not drill out little holes in the base of the optic to receive these pegs and not need the adapter? Is there circuitry in the corners of the 507K? Would it compromise the integrity of the base or walls? Anyone have a discard( that works) who wants to try it?

The question would be: who is willing to do any drilling into optics and void the warranty?

I’ve been using plates from C&H since 2020 and never even thought to find the way to eliminate them. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :slightly_smiling_face:


Guess there’s a reason for the pegs, drilling it just sounds foolish to me. Use the plate…


The pegs are to help stabilize the optic for recoil.
@George245 NDZ has the 507k plates


I got the adapter plate from CH. My aim in avoiding the plate would be to enhance co-witnessing with the iron sights by having the optic sit that much lower in the slide cut out, and to have the rear pegs fit into the optic and not just covered by the plate.

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You are better off going the safe way using the plate.