Holding Handgun Steady

While training at home, dry fire, I’ve learned if I wear wrist weights it makes my steadiness at the range practice much better. I can hold the firearm out stretched longer.
No, I don’t wear the weights at the range. They are to build strength in your shoulders and forearms for when you go to the range.


I might have to try that for the next time I have coffee before the range.


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Simply holding weights out while watching TV has benefits.


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Let’s get back to the topic of improving steadiness during range practice.


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When training we do suggest and train the “Push / Pull” method or a basic isometric of push with primary hand and pull with the secondary during the shot sequence. Can’t hold it forever but it helps stabilize the firearm. Our senior ladies or folks with a medical condition find it a simple way to get a stable sight picture.


Thank you for your input on this subject. I’ve gone through all USCCA 's training on this subject, many, many times.
I’ve found over the past years different people have many different physical conditions. This has taught me there’s more than one way that works to meet the same ends.
I also exercise with hand grits.