Hmmm... knew us before we were in the womb?

​interesting thought…

the Book says God knows all about us and everything we will do before we even enter the womb… hmmm…

so the person known as Judas Iscariot was known to God before his birth???

IIRC didn’t Jesus say to him it would have been better for you had you not been born???

and his fate was pretty nasty as well…


suggest the statement made by Ben Franklin has a ring of truth…

the longer he lived the more he could see Gods hand in things…

thought… so certain politicians and what they would do were KNOW before they entered the womb…

even though they may be considered by us as doing great evil… God is still using them for a purpose???

Like Judas?

I wonder if they will be told when the time comes it would have been better had you not been born???


I’m not the most religious person, so I don’t know that I can speak to the religious side of things very well. I will say that I try to find the best in people and situations, and I also feel that everything does happen for a reason. Even if we do not know what that reason is at this time.

Stay positive, focus on what you can control, and keep reaching out to as many elected officials as you can to voice your opinions.


It works only for the people who believe in God.
Others are still Macaca Mulatta which means nobody has any idea what is the purpose of their existence until they have a plan for their life.

There better be a good reason for the Brandon effect!
God would not have put the devil in charge of good people!

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God lets us make our own decisions. It’s called free will, and it’s God’s gift because He loves us.

On the other hand, as someone who lives outside of time, He knows everything that will ever happen, before any of it has happened. It is difficult for finite people who only know time from the inside to grasp, but I try to explain it the best I can, with the best knowledge I have.


Yes agree 100 percent, but you can always pray about things.


ahhh… thinkin maybe some readin is in order???

IIRC that is exactly what God did on some occasions in the past???

just look at what they did to Jesus and his disciples… then there is the holocaust…

course anyone can correct me if I got that wrong… but IIRC yes he has done so…

and requiring a good reason of God… is kinda… ??? as in there better be a good reason for… WTAF???

pride? was the great sin of Lucifer IIRC???


can’t say I’m religious either… by definition Christianity is not a religion IIRC…

cause it don’t fit the definition???

that said… consider the following… during the 1930’s and on into the 1940’s

how many jews, gypsie, etc… stayed positive right up until…


that often gives you a warning before things go south… and sometimes allows us to head it off…

yes VOTE but make your voice heard to the person or persons you are voting for… POLITELY…

make sure they are made aware of where you draw the line on who gets your vote…

and KEEP THAT PROMISE to NOT vote for them ever again…

sadly the parties choose who we vote for… so they can hand pick yes persons for their agenda…

even so… hmm… think Trump really threw a monkey wrench into that apparatus???

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I thought you believed in not promoting negativity. I believe calling peope “Macaca Mulatta” is not Godly, religious, polite, nor acceptable, regardless of their faith. What other persons do you disdain and believe to be “subhuman”? So much for our belief in everyone being born equal, equality, and tolerance of others. You are an intolerant bigot. Spew your hateful message elsewhere; it is unacceptable on this forum.

My bad! And I talk about friends of the devil all the time, ( Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Hitler, Brandon) guess I never experienced the devil at work while I was alive! I’m not even religious, but I know evil when I see it.

As Justice Potter Stewart in Jacobellis-v-Ohio, the threshold test for obscenity. Did a little more reading!

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To steal an idea behind the plot of a movie, Dogma. The main antagonist points out that oblivion would be better than eternity in Hell. Jesus was pointing out to Judas that not existing would be better than the fate that awaited him.

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I always considered Judas to be a hero of the piece. Without his actions the plan would have stalled, at least. The faithful should praise Judas for fulfilling his role in furtherance the Great Purpose.

Macaca Mulatta is a populations of rhesus monkeys that are the second branch of same ancestor with Homo Sapiens. We share the same beginnings, but we differ with our minds.

I’m not intolerant bigot, as you called me. I wrote the truth. You become human once you start thinking and have plans for your life. If you don’t, you are another Macaca Mulatta.

You can interpret this however you like. This is the power of humans brain. If you think and process others words, you don’t need to worry about not being Homo Sapiens.

Please also notice… this is only for people who do not believe in God, so Macaca Mulata term is not Godly nor religious. It is still acceptable and polite.
My post has nothing to do with equality and tolerance. It is not about it.

Actually, this is a second time you took the phrase out of the context and challenged the sense of whole post.
So please try to understand the idea behind the whole sentence:

Others are still Macaca Mulatta which means nobody has any idea what is the purpose of their existence until they have a plan for their life.

That is uncouth and bigoted. If you are supposedly religious and/or Godly, you would not show such disrespect for others.

So, you are attempting to denigrate me by claiming I am not human, if I disagree? Do you not see how vile your comments are? No, that is not acceptable and polite. It is extremely repugnant, impolite, intolerant, and disgusting that someone could even say something like this about anyone. At least you are showing your true self here, as revolting and disgusting as it is.

How did I take your post out of context when you stated “this is only for people who do not believe in God, so Macaca Mulata term is not Godly nor religious.” You are calling those that are not religious/believe in God, sub-human. You present the worst in people and characterize those that believe in religion and God in the absolute worst light. There is no way you can twist your comments into a positive, except in your own vile mind. The only positive is that you have finally come out and shown how repugnant and disgusting a person you truly are.

I didn’t know this is a religious thread.
Please forgive me then…
Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

I agree completely, past history is looking like it’s starting to repeat itself more and more, and that is something to never stop fighting against, but I still try not to let it wear me down.

I probably annoy my local state representatives because of how often I am emailing them and messaging them on their Facebook pages.

This has been the biggest shift for me over the last few years. I stopped voting for someone in my area just because they have an (R) next to their name and only vote for them if they offer REAL solutions. Hopefully, more people on both sides will start to realize it.


Two Observations as of late!
One. Now that Election cycle has come around again, there are A) more actual mass shootings and, B) EVERY shooting involving more than two victims is now being called a “mass Shooting”
“Mass Shooting " is the new Democrat Media Election Cycle Go-To Phrase!
Two. The Sanctity Of Life!
It appears that " Reproductive Rights " is now the preferred term as opposed to Abortion or Healthcare!
Abortion has nothing to do with " Reproductive Rights!” We don’t give a holy damn if, when, where or how much you all " Reproduce!" AS YOU HAVE THAT RIGHT! BUT, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT UNDER GOD OR THE U.S. CONSTITUTION TO " KILL" THE LIFE THAT YOU REPRODUCE!

The woman who has an abortion is just as guilty of homicide as a gunman who walks into a classroom and shoots a child!

Murder requires: 1) Motive- intent 2) Means- weapon 3) Opportunity

The woman who kills her child thru abortion has ALL THREE!

  1. Motive - Selfishness -The Murderous Intent is the same in that she INTENTIONALLY KILLS HER CHILD!

  2. Means - The Weapon is the nozzle of a suction unit instead of the barrel of a gun!

  3. Opportunity - Nearest Planned Parenthood / Abortion provider

Abortion IS Murder!


Yet injected God into your post.

Of course not, and we all know why. A godly person would not have stated what you did.

Typical reply of a hypocrite caught red-handed, not in the least a sincere apology, not that anyone would expect that from you. At least you used a proper movie character (a minion from Despicable Me) and to represent yourself.

Minion - a servile dependent, follower, or underling.

Now you know me ! Congratulations. You advanced to next level !

A 1234

I have often wonder what it is that drives some folks to come into a thread and do their best to somehow derail it???

does it make em feel better or something?

seen this sorta thing a few times elsewhere… admit I don’t see it often here…

yet… think we need to track the derailer’s???

maybe figure out who these people are? and maybe start ignoring them???

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