Here's why you shouldn't try to carjack people who are driving giant trucks


It was amusing to see the driver of the car trying to use the brakes while it was being pushed. I had expected to see the car either go through the guard rails or over them. Also funny that one of the men initially sought to get back into the car. Also the car driver was not paying attention to the truck accelerating toward him.


That’s Awesome. Quick thinking and very effective.


This video should be shown to folks who like to peacefully protest in the middle of the highway.


This sticker

Or, this?

That’s the greatest thing I’ve seen in my life! I’m buying a humongous truck tomorrow!
This is what I saw, when I watched the video!

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We are way past stickers. The modern American safe family doesn’t advertise on the vehicle!
This is what you keep in your car to keep from getting carjacked!
Take it from Ukrainian mom’s who are donning Ghillie suits, snow shoes and AK47’s.

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An entire generation of predators brought to you by the welfare system. I’d bet those boys were born out of wedlock to a single young girl on welfare and do not know their father. Bet?

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