Help find an Attorney in Phoenix Az

I have been watching the uscca videos and they recommend finding an attorney before an event actually happens. Has anyone had experience with an attorney in the Phoenix area that you would recommend? The US CCA list shows about 11 different attorneys and that looks very complicated if you don’t have information on the individual attorneys.


Thankfully no true experience other than a conversation at the a range day at C2 Tactical- Tempe.
I talked with Jeff Kerr; who’s an attorney at the Brandon White Law offices in Chandler, about a variety of topics ranging from gun trusts to potential post incident interactions with law enforcement.

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@Ronald268 Welcome to the community. Couple of attorney names in the Phx area are Howard A. Sander, and Adam Feldman. Maybe calling them for whatever information you’d like to discuss.

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Welcome to the community @Ronald268

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I am not in Arizona; I am in Florida. But I had the same challenge here. I scrolled through the list of attorneys on USCCA, and narrowed the list down to those somewhat near my area. Then I visited their websites to see what they had to say for themselves. I chose one who I thought would do a good job because his specialty was defense of use of force for law enforcement. I figured if I got into an incident he might be known by the cops who showed up, but even if not, he had experience in this specific area of law. I called the firm associated with USCCA and registered my choice so they would know who to call.

Then I encountered a problem with my carry permit application being “suspended” by a 21 year old misdemeanor charge for carrying a concealed knife. So I called “my attorney” and left a message. I never did get a call back.

I used an online attorney search service and connected with a different one who actually answered the phone. We had a discussion about my problem. I wanted to know if I needed representation at an “informal hearing” to contest the suspension. While on the phone he looked up the charge. He gave me the case # and told me which documents to get copies of to support my hearing. He assured me that I could handle it without his help, but if I wasn’t successful to call him back (on his cell phone) and he would work to overcome the suspension or denial.

I told him I was a USCCA member, and asked him if he would be willing to represent me if an armed self defense incident happened to me. He said he would be happy to, and to call him if needed.

I promptly replaced the non-responsive attorney with this one as my attorney of choice.

Hopefully it isn’t that complicated to find your own, but it can be done with some phone calls, asking the right questions, and getting the right answers.


On my SD issue in Wa.State I just called the # in my card,and they got an ATTY in Seattle and since I was in Yakima,he referred an Atty Closer and he did a good job and it saved me 3k so glad I signed up with USCCA,and in reality the membership is worth the expence


Welcome @Ronald268!

Check out Criminal Defense attorneys in Phoenix at and cross check them with the USCCA list. That should give you a short list to start with. Some will probably schedule free initial consultation/meeting/call to get to know their practice and what they can do to you.