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Hi all - I recently encountered an issue that someone else at USCCA might have seen.

I have been buying and selling a few odds and ends on Gunbroker ( this past month (been a member of the site for years) and last week attempted to update my credit card on the site. My account was placed “under review” and I’ve essentially been locked out of my auctions since then (as well as my profile, buyer/seller contact info, unable to bid or post items etc.).

Spoke to my credit card customer service team this morning and they confirmed it’s not an issue on my side, and that the merchant (i.e. GB) hasn’t confirmed the new payment method.

I’ve been trying to get in touch with GB for a week to no avail, and was a little surprised that there appears to be no active phone numbers that allow you to talk to (or even leave a voicemail for) the folks at GB. Have seen some similar complaints online, although I’m less interested in complaining and more interested in solving this.

Any advice?


Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a gunbroker phone number. The only other options I’ve used was to message them via facebook, which worked in terms of getting a reply, but that was before this pandemic. Good luck!


Thanks, I’ll give that a try on FB


Send email to DealerNetwork@ GunBroker .com


Thanks - I sent an email to that address, will let you know if I get a response


Have you used this option? It has been working for me so far:


Thanks Jerzy. I have sent them about ten messages that way over the past week, and each time referenced my earlier request numbers. Haven’t gotten any responses other than the automatic: “ Your request (#) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff”


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Looks they follow new standards now (this is from other vendors):
“Due to Covid-19 our staff is working from home and response time may be longer than usual. We apologise for inconvenience”


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I tried to open an account with Gun Broker a few weeks ago, but ended up with an error that I needed to send them two photos of ID/address confirmation. I sent that in, but didn’t hear back. I followed up a week ago, and still nothing. Finally, after contacting them again yesterday and referencing the previous support numbers, I heard back from them and my account has been opened. So, they are definitely really slow, but still seem to be working through requests. Hope everything gets fixed up soon!


GunBroker is the place you can find EVERYTHING right now, so no doubt, people are using this site most often than usual. They may be overloaded now…

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@DG68 have you tried buying and selling on …less hassle IMO

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The update here is that I finally got a message back today and they unlocked my account. These guys are slammed with all the buying compounded by work-from-home: solid 7 days for the response, and I really flooded their inbox.

I had two auctions end while I was locked out, however the buyer/seller communication still worked: while I couldn’t post/bid/edit, I could email counterparties to transactions directly.

Thanks for everyone’s responses.


I just created an account :slight_smile:


Totally agreed

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Good to hear they opened it. Learn from my mishap: don’t swap out credit cards or make account changes when you have auctions ongoing! Happy bidding. As Jerzy noted, GB is the gateway to plenty of necessities during all this (not so much of an ammo shortage as a cash shortage :slight_smile:


Having similar issues and it’s driving me nuts. Almost four days ago I was trying to pay my Gunbroker monthly fees and my credit card got declined a couple of times. I had plenty of funds available, so I suspect it was my credit card company denying the transaction because it was gun-related.

Anyway, after 3 tries Gunbroker froze my account and put it under a “48-hour review”. Of course it has been nearly 96 hours and I have not received a single email back from them. Not only am I getting worried, but I have spent several hours on the phone / emails with buyers who are worried I am pulling the rug and trying to scam them (they have already paid me).

The best part is all my auctions are still live, so when they get bought I have to contact the buyers and explain I have no access to their shipping information, etc. Really frustrating and it comes across as shady and unprofessional. I have almost 500 positive feedback right now, so I’ve sold a few auctions in my time and really would like to keep my negatives at 0.

I get Gunbroker is short staffed right now due to COVID but they are also likely experiencing record levels of traffic and record levels of profit. They need to hire more people to answer customer service emails - even if it just to let people know they are alive. Also it is insane they don’t have a contact number. These folks are making money hand over fist (and good for them) so they can afford a little customer service for the people who are making that money for them.

Good points and advice above; appreciated. In case anyone needed this info, or as future reference:

Once you log onto their site, under their Support Center tab, and or at the bottom of their page, they have a Contact Us link, and Submit a request link, which seems to allow one to send them a written message electronically.

On my own account, I added funds into their little account feature, which helps me not to always have to pay with my plastics/cards, depending on if the seller accepts that.

Not sure if they offer a different way to reach them via a Mobile Phone Ap, but I noticed their website reads that they have an ap, but personally I couldn’t find it on my own phone.

I saw this on their website today:

“Last Updated 2/23/2019

If you have any questions about our privacy statement, the practices and/or your dealings with the site, you can contact us at the following address:, LLC
PO Box 2511
Kennesaw, GA 30156

We do not currently offer telephone support. Please email us at or submit your question from the help page.”

Snail mail address listed from an email they sent me:

800 Battery Avenue SE
Suite 3090
Atlanta Georgia, 30339.

Additional Email found: (from an email they had sent me)