Hello all whats the best IWB holster!

I found the Kusiak gun leather minimalist to be an outstanding IWB holster for my P365. It is wafer thin and disappears in your waist band

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Today I’ve found something interesting… what actually confirmed my positive thoughts about Tier1 Concealed holsters.

This spring I bought their Axis Elite for my M&P9 handgun. Time showed that I felt better with heavier firearm and sold most of my “plastic fantastics” and bought Staccato C2 DPO.
I was struggling with finding good IWB holster for Staccato and amazingly found that it fit my Axis Elite. :astonished:
There was only single adjustment needed - M&P had wider trigger guard so I had to narrow the gap using heat gun… and Voila!.. pistol locks in the holster perfectly :muscle:

A 2021-09-24 16-49-32 saved :point_up_2:


Vedder LightTuck

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The Clinger holster that has no clip & is well padded. When you buckle your belt, that holster will be exactly where it was at the end of the day. Super comfortable & only $21.

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