Heavily armed?

How do you describe heavily armed? I agreed when the reporter said he had a grenade!

I would consider 1,800 rounds of ammo, three rifles, four handguns, I can stop now, with you in your vehicle qualifies as an individual being heavily armed.

I mean, once you get passed how much a person can carry on them, you can’t really be ‘more armed’…so “heavily armed” would have to fall within that which you can carry.

If you have what an 11B on patrol has, I think it’s fair to say you are heavily armed. I think that might be my benchmark.


I probably carry heavier than most. I carry a Glock 41, 2 extra mags, 5-6 blades, and an AR pistol w/2 extra mags in a safe in my car. With a go bag in the trunk. So I guess I would be considered “heavily” armed. But I know dozens of guys who carry way more than I do. Keep in mind I belong to multiple 2A advocacy groups and I’m not a very social person.

I find most legacy media to be little more than sensationalized puff pieces meant to draw eyes and to pander to it’s viewers opinions (yes I consider conservative media the same way). I can’t tell you how many times I have been disappointed by media.


if they do not have a general purpose machine gun mounted to their vehicle, they are not heavily armed.


Different people know different people, I guess, lol

I know zero people “IRL” who carry more than one gun and a spare mag, unless they are active law enforcement in which case they at most carry one gun and two spare mags while off duty.


So, by me having three extra mags is over doing it? 7 round mags of .45acp


Not really, I carry the same, except for the go bag with an extra 100 rounds in the vehicle!

Guess I’m not heavily armed unless I have a “long” rifle.
Well at least they didn’t call it an AR style assault rifle.


Perp’s name, (Mohamad Barakat). Was this a terrorist attack dressed up as a mass shooting by the media? I mean with that much ammo it seems like that man was trying for a 9/11. Jus sayin.


I left his name out to see if anyone would pick up on it. I don’t know if this was a terrorist getting stopped before his actions could be started or if this was just some whacko nut job looking for a fight. But with a name like his either is plausible. There is nothing peaceful about the religion of peace. Why do ppl constantly listen to their propaganda and not take into account their actions?


Around here the LEO I personally know, 4 to be exact, carry something like a side arm, an AR in the trunk, Some have console mounted shotguns and some carry an ankle piece. So I guess if I have less than 4 I could be considered lightly armed.

According to news reports, “Fargo cop killer Mohamad Barakat was a Syrian asylum seeker who was brought to the United States in 2012 by Barack Obama.” The MSM won’t say much more other then he didn’t use social media. Sounds like a planned terrorist attack with intervention by God.