Hat's off to our Community Peeps giving feedback! Let's hear from you!

The design on the hat is great, the fit was perfect, the fabric texture of the flag on the bill was a nice added detail and touch as it was better than just having it printed.

Underneath the bill and having the KRYPTEK camo design there as well is a nice finishing touch than just having on the top side only.

The USCCA patch emblem that’s stitched to the cap front as another quality feature that makes the logo stand out.

@KenM has been a USCCA member for years and actively in the USCCA Community since January of 2019 (when the Community started).

You can purchase the hat KenM is wearing here.

Ken likes flex hats as well - what other suggestions do you have as we continue to add new products to our USCCA Store?


I have that same hat and can not say enough great things about it.

Honestly I have not received any bad or questionable clothing or gear from the USCCA. i have heard some day it is pricy, I say you pay a little more for quality that lasts.

(aka Dbrogue)


Yes sir @KenM I am a cap man myself and like fitted or flex fit. That hat is sharp. I wear my black adjustable BORN TO PROTECT cap and I love it.


Gosh, I am old school and behind the times, again! I have the original hat I received when I became USCCA instructor, black and white. No frills. You fellows are good looking in your hats! “my hat off to you!”


How about a binary trigger kit for my EDC Glock 43? Just add it to my cart upon completion. Thank you so much.


I know this is a stretch. But how about hats that are sized smaller. One size fits doesn’t look good on a smaller head/person. Asking for a friend. 6 7/8 hat size. :roll_eyes:

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You know how the professional shooters have team shirts? See where I am going? How about a shirt like that with the USCCA logo ?

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