Community Participant Reviewed: USCCA Baseball Cap

So many of you have asked us for new USCCA items … and they’re here!

Each day this week, we’re featuring a new item worn by one of our USCCA Community participants! These awesome people are here to give you their honest take on the new apparel.


I am not normally one who wears baseball style caps; they just never seem to fit right. I am glad to say this is not the case here. You can feel the quality as soon as you put it on your head.

The bill is curved and shaped at just the right angle for me and the size adjustment in the back lets me put just the right amount of tension to keep it on my head without being too loose or to tight (no more headaches or chasing your cap after an unexpected gust of wind).

The USCCA patch placement is perfectly centered on the bill and seam of the cap. I also love the looks of the partial US flag is on the right side of the bill. The background design is different from any I have seen before and I must say I love it. I would describe it as a reptilian armor scale in the front which blends into more of a camo look toward the sides and back. Don’t forget the mini US flag in the back of the cap just above the adjusting strap. It all makes for a great unique look. If you are a fan of baseball caps, I think you would enjoy displaying this one in your collection (if you ever take it off that is).

@DBRogue has been a USCCA Member for years and has been a regular participant in the USCCA Online Community since March of 2019.

The hat he’s wearing can be found here.

The T-shirt he’s wearing can be found here.

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How many baseball caps do you have?


I have the black ball cap that says Born To Protect with the Velcro patch and I love it.



  • everyday use
  • shooting
  • running, cycling

No firearm’s related logos on them.


I have a lot of hats… possibly too many to count. I got some of them from local companies, companies I’ve worked for, and companies I was contracted by while doing petroleum inspection and environmental work. I wear one for a while and rotate to the next. Imma have to look into those USCCA hats!


I only have two 5.11 Tactical caps. One is black and one coyote colored. However they are both made for velcro morale patches. I have over 30 patches I can swap out. So… I have over 60 hats I guess.


Damn I am good looking (for and old fat man).


Now that is a fine looking cap. :us:

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it’s the horizontal stripes of the siding…adds ten pounds. :smirk:


@DBrogue Oh, come on… you’re not old at all.


Thanks but I will start out by saying, I remember when Ike was President.


OMG, I am OCD on caps. My young daughter, 6 months ago, took everyone of my caps and stacked them all on her head at once. The photo (not going to post) had the stack at about 3.5 feet tall.


Oh snap that’s some serious comeback.

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Good morning brother nice to see you.

There will be a number of familiar faces over the next few days. Some you may have to look at the username to know who they are :wink:

Thanks for being the first volunteer featured @DBrogue!


Before the “the great disaster of melting all of my Superbowl hats”? 40ish

Now 4


I’ve got a rotation with two hats for when working in the sun, and two hats for going out for fun


The outfit is awesome, what’s really cool is seeing the face behind the avatar and knowing I’m not alone😎
I did notice your printing on the right side, wonder what’s underneath???


Vertical stripes are the ones that create an illusion of more width…
Horizontal makes you look taller, so in effect, skinnier…

Just FYI.

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Ok I can not resist, I learned this one while in Germany.

Is that a pickle in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?


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