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It’s that time of year again, and many of you are probably making plans to celebrate the new year. Based on conversations I’ve had recently, increasing numbers of people will be skipping the classic party scene and instead spend a quiet evening at home with family and friends.

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Commenting on the “Alcohol was a factor”. I quit drinking 1997. I average about 1 glass of wine a month at home or maybe a Pina Colada on a cruise ship. There is NO WAY ever I would have even a 1/2 a glass of wine out and about for fear of losing my License to Carry.

We own wedding event centers, as weddings were mentioned in the article above, and EVERYTIME something bad has happened alcohol was always involved.

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My wife and I have plans for New Year’s. She and the pitbull and I going to stay home. We’re going to take communion at midnight like we do every year. We really don’t like being around people that have had too much to drink.
Happy new year to everybody. Stay safe and God bless.

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You are so correct, you must carry responsible every day, and use the situational awareness and conflict avoidance, as a very old friend of mine said the best gun fright that was one he near was in. Remember this new year eve there may be some who over do it with drink so if you don’t have to go out stay in.

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I always stay home on New Years Eve. I live around 2.5 miles from down Town Tempe AZ. and it is a mad house on New Years Eve. And they also have fireworks twice. Once around 9:30 and then again at mid night. and I can go out either my front or back door and watch them from my home. and this year if I can stay up till mid night I just might fire off my little cannon at mid night. and it will just be powder charge. No round ball since I’m in the city limits. and it would not be safe to do it.

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For the most part I am very happy being with true friends and family, even when I was younger if I went into a bar is was to find a young lady who I had something in common with and getting drunk was not of interest to either of us.

We are fortunate to live on a block which has many families of different ages who are willing to get together and have our own parties, we hosted one just before Christmas, provided drinks but helped anyone who had partied hard home safely. Even in my home, among friends I am armed, only the ones whom I think need to know about my weapons are even aware, those are normally men and women whom I have gone shooting with or have taught to shoot, the Marine Corps way! In most cases I have also taught their kids, boys and girls to shoot and to be safe around weapons, when people come into my home weapons are put away but if one of the neighborhood kids opens up a door and sees a weapon they know to first tell their parent who will tell me and then I show them it is in a “safe” condition.

When we go out I am always polite and a gentleman to all, that is until someone needs to be shown the error of their ways, hard and fast is my rule and then leave the area. Unfortunately, all over the Country cops keep earning the hate and the likely hood you will be dealing with a head case cop goes up every year. Most cops are very good, I know many, one of my wife’s good friends is a cop and I consider the Sheriff to be a personal friend and when I do interact with any cop I call their boss to let them know how well trained I found them to be, or, if required I report on what improvements that cop could have done to make his life safer and mine better, cops have a crappy job, they normally deal with dumb $hyts but cannot let the last head case effect dealing with the next stop. It is truly too bad that trusting your local cop to act correctly is becoming less of a sure thing.

I hope all are wise in their choices over the New Year and do not have any problem, treat everyone with kindness but have a plan to kill everyone you meet, hard words but good to live by!

Semper Fie

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I’m a square so I stay home with my dog and am usually asleep by 1030 or so. I’ve done that for the past several years. It’s just safer and I hate being around a crowd.


I’ve never been one to go to parties, and since I came home from deployment I’m doubling down on that ideology. We see more malcontents committing crimes using illegally obtained weapons, or emotionally compromised legitimate owners who have lost their way doing suicide by cop to make a point to legitimize their agenda. I refuse to put my family into harm’s way during ritualistic events such as a New Years Celebration. So safety first, check the conditions/crime index in your area, keep situational awareness a top priority, and listen to that little voice in the back of your head/those hairs on your neck that stand up because your subliminal responses are always on point. Don’t Drink & Shoot, or Drive Impaired.

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Thank you for your service, @Anthony62! Glad to have you in the Community.

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As a Vietnam vet