Half a million cross the border

and who know how many terrorist are in the country


Oooohhh ooooohhhh, I know, what’s the current population combined of any given University in the United States, plus the population of NY, Chicago, LA!
Enough that the country does not exist anymore!
Including the terrorists that supposedly represent us! We’re talking millions, “no joke, man”!
Disclaimer: Does not include any cannibals!


But Hey, Just a Minute Here, They are only here for a better life, for you, just convert and everything will be just fine.


oop’s my bad :man_shrugging: :laughing: :person_in_motorized_wheelchair:


According to Wikipedia …

"Approximately 1.8 million people are incarcerated in state or federal prisons or local jails. There are over 1 million people who are incarcerated in state prisons. There are 656,000 people incarcerated for violent offenses, 142,000 for property offenses, 132,000 for drug offenses, and 110,000 for public order offenses. The percentage breakdown of people in state prisons by offense-type is as follows: 63% of people are incarcerated for violent offenses, 13% for property offenses, 13% for drug offenses, and 11% for public order offenses.

The federal prison population is approximately 209,000."

So, Texas wants to add 500,000 inmates to this, more than double the number of people currently held in federal prisons.

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Does anyone remember the stories of when you could get banished from a place never to return under penalty of death?

Just saying, no need to keep them here, just send em home with a warning.