Gunsmith-Phoenix metro

Looking for recommendations for a gunsmith to look at the Sig AR I just picked up. The barrel looks bad as compared to the rest of the gun. Need a check up before I send rounds downrange.

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What are you seeing with the barrel? Have you had someone at the gun shop you got it at take a look at it? Also, might be worth sending an inquiry to sig directly if you are concerned. Also, when you are looking at the barrel, have you cleaned it to get all the manufacturing crap and preservative out of it? If you did, how did it feel when running patches? That can give you an indication as well. Also, by contacting Sig, they might be able to point you to a “factory authorized” gunsmith.

it’s gnarly looking. looks slightly rusted. heavilly used perhaps.

If it was heavily used, it’s probably not rust, it’s probably copper fouling. Get a good copper solvent, a good one piece (not steel) ramrod, a jag, a brass or nylon brush and a bunch of patches and go to town following the directions on the solvent.

If all else fails (as per previous replies and suggestions for you, I use Magnum Precision Gunsmith located inside of the Shooter’s World of Phoenix (not the Peoria location). He dislodged a laser bore that got stuck in my AR Pistol at no charge and done while I waited and recently installed an AR folding adapter. Nice guy too and friendly staff. 602-200-093 closed on Wed., Sat., and Sun. Good luck resolving the issue.