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The official mission statement of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE), often referred to as ATF, claims it is for our protection.

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USCCA needs to gather the information needed for its members to respond, then post it in an official capacity encouraging all members to speak out respectfully against the BATFE’s egregious attempt to curtail legitimate firearm ownership. SBRs and braced pistols are the weapons of self-defense, not crime!

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Here ya go!

Federal Register :: Objective Factors for Classifying Weapons with “Stabilizing Braces”

Look for the image icon on the left side of the link to provide comments. Deadline for comments is 4 January 2021

I’m already aware of that. I suppose I was actually hoping for a separate, official post from @USCCA including their recommended text for us to use in our comments. It would be helpful to everyone, not just people who happen to read this one post. Further, it’s a good marketing / PR move by USCCA, because when an agency gets multiple comments with the same text, it lets them (and others) know the organization that published it has clout and can move its members to action. Finally, I’m pretty sure USCCA would run their recommended text through their legal dept, which would help prevent BATFE from dismissing the comments of any fellow members who choose to use that text.


I agree, out of the millions of people directly impacted by this only 13,021 have made comments so far.

Exactly. Not a very good response rate. Hard and repeated member pushes to comment are needed from USCCA, GOA, NAGR, 2AF, yes even the dreaded NRA :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

We 2A supporters need to do more than simply post rants on social media. I think we lost the bump stock issue (and all the other rights we’ve given away) because too few of us made our opinions known to the right people. All good patriots should have at their fingertips the contact information for their U.S. Senators & Reps, state senators and reps, and local mayors & councilors!


Here is a response and some guidance from SB Tactical:

"We understand your concern – and nothing has changed, yet. We got wind a few days ago that the ATF was finally publishing guidance on braces which we have been requesting for years. Instead we got the attached PROPOSED DOJ draft document that will be going live on the federal registry tomorrow and will be open for comment for only 2 weeks. The ‘guidance’ doesn’t clarify anything – see page 7.
What caliber?
What weight and length?
What length of pull?

This article helps explain things as well:

Here are some suggested bullet points if you decide to comment:
• This document is not guidance to industry but a power grab by the ATF.
• No manufacturer or consumer can look at this document and know what ATF thinks is illegal or legal.
• It does nothing to limit the ATF but instead expands its authority by saying it will rely on manufacturer “intent” and multiple “factors” that have no specifics
*• Its “holistic” approach is designed to ensure that ATF has unlimited discretion to make unprincipled ad hoc determinations *
• This invites future ATF moves to register and ultimately confiscate accessories
• No arm brace or firearm sold with a stabilizing brace is safe under this approach

*Please share this and comment if you are able to do so – this issue goes far beyond just pistol braces and could affect every gun owner in the country if we leave the ATF unchecked. *

Kind regards,

The SB Tactical Team"

And a copy of SB Tactical’s press release:

SB-Tactical_Proposed-ATF-Regulations_Press-Release.pdf (

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