ATF Considering Pistol Brace restrictions?

And not in a good way…

“We understand that ATF is currently considering restricting one arm brace model owned by over 700,000 Americans,” Congressman Gaetz writes along with six other members of Congress. “We strongly urge ATF to cease taking any actions and reconsider or rescind any secret determinations which call into question the legality of firearms owned by millions of law-abiding Americans.”


Why not? They did it with bump stocks. Does not surprise me at all.

Next up, those Part 94? guns, you know, the ones that were made overseas but have to have 8 US made parts to be “legal”…

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Outlaw plastic, metals, air pockets between areas of metal or plastic, gunpowder, human hands in the shape that would hold a grip… I’m truly amazed at these people. In my business this is called a solution without a problem.

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This does not surprise me. Look it is simple with guns we are free. With out we are slaves. You cannot have the other amendments with out the 2nd. And people that want to be in control know this and they will work till the last breath to achieve it. I was not a fan of bump stocks nor am I a fan of pistol braces. But it is like a fish nibbling at you line sooner or latter he will get the bait off the hook. It is a slippery slope. They are nibbling away a little at a time.

Consider me ignorant on this (fact) but can’t I just remove the brace and continue to shoot it with two hands…or one like any other pistol? Sure I’d rather have the brace against my shoulder, but just keep the brace until the law is overturned…again?

While I did buy an AR pistol right before COVID-19, which hasn’t even been sighted in yet, I have been practicing presentation, aim, dry firing, etc. Without the brace, it is pretty hard to maintain form (as I’m a tad older and have nothing close to Popeye’s forearms). This is my first AR type weapon (other than M16 used in military long ago), so I’m not sure how removing the brace will work. In theory, with brace removed, I should be able to hold pistol grip and grasp hand guard cover to help with stabilization, but won’t know until I try it.

Without some sort of brace with a buffer tube, you cant just take the brace off and expect the gun to fire. Atleast mine won’t.

I am a huge supporter of the Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC). They send almost daily emails to me that enable me to write to politicians directly about 2a issues. They are boilerplate messages and you only have to hit enter to send. You can modify the subject line or text if you please. Here is the text from todays FPC email I subsequently sent every House and Senate representative about the ATF. It was sent directly to ALL Republicans, Democrats, and Independents

I demand that Congress Defund the ATF!
I am writing to you today to inform you that I stand with Firearms Policy Coalition in demanding the immediate and complete defunding - and ultimately disbanding - of the ATF.

The ATF is a hostile and discriminatory government agency that has unjustly taken both life and property from America’s most vulnerable populations.

What’s more, at a time when America is pondering dismantling law enforcement agencies due to excessive force, we must acknowledge that there is no more violent, hostile and discriminatory law enforcement entity than the ATF.

The ATF in fact has no reason to exist, given that firearms are constitutionally-protected property. And I find it difficult to believe that the government would justify spending hundreds of millions of dollars a year because it thinks it can keep alcohol and tobacco products from being misused.

Bottom line: the ATF does not serve any public interest, and has been responsible for numerous deaths of innocent minorities, as well as the very mass incarceration problem our politicians are grappling with today.
In addition,

In addition to defunding and disbanding the ATF, I must also ask that you repeal the laws and regulations the ATF enforces against gun owners in defiance of the Constitution.

This is a necessary step to take because merely disbanding the ATF would likely result in another federal agency taking over enforcement of these unconstitutional laws and regulations, as well as perpetuating the cycle of unjust violence and incarceration perpetrated by the ATF.

For these and other reasons, I respectfully urge you to consider legislation that would defund and disband this hostile government agency, and repeal all anti-gun laws and regulations the ATF enforces.
[My name automatically put here]

I am proud that the USCCA is a contributor to the FPC. I did not send this as a political statement, but as a statement about my rights and what I see as governmental overreach. Afterwards I contributed another $100.

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I like it!

That’s what I was thinking, I just did some reading around the inter webs and apparently they work with the tube exposed (and you can buy foam covers for them! Who knew!

Warning - I read the above on the internet. I make no guarantee of the veracity of the information.

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