Gunbelt 101

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Nowadays I wear a Kore Nylon Gun Belt (1.5"). For now, it’s my go-to EDC belt, and has lasted longer than my similar leather belts (including another Kore leather gun belt 1.5"). However, my job switched from daily outdoor manual labor to sitting at a desk, so my previous experience with EDC belts could be heavily influenced by the higher level of outdoor activity/labor they saw.

Before I started to EDC, I had one of those Hank $30 gun belts which I wore for about 15 years. When I got my EDC, the belt had already stretched and was not as stiff as it used to be. So… I grabbed a Galco leather gun belt from a local store. It was fine too, but I wanted more adjustability.

I ended up getting a Kore leather gun belt shortly thereafter and it lasted about 2 years before I started noticing stretching (in the same spots the Hank’s belt stretched). I started to try Nylon, and started with the Ciguerra Emissar EDC Belt (which is is great if you want the traditional belt buckle and holes style), but I missed the Kore’s adjustability. That brought me to my current go-to, which is the Nylon Kore belt I first mentioned.

Different people have different experiences, body types, carry positions, activities, etc. IMO, if you are very active, you might plan on replacing whatever EDC belt every 3 years or so. If not, many decent purpose built gun belts should work fine.

One side note… the Hank’s gun belt was very thick and might have issues if your belt loops are tight or if the clip for your holster is designed around a normal thickness belt.


Single leather belts are the devil spawn when it comes to carrying guns. I’ve yet to find one that does the job well.

The best I’ve found are Kore belts. Some others are similar but the quality and track record I have with Kore is good enough for me. I have 2 and I doubt I’ll ever wear one out.

For a cheaper belt the double thickness reversible belt from 5.11 is tough to beat for under $30. My oldest one is over 8 years old now and it still looks almost new and has not softened up or changed shapes.


For me the inner Velcro and outer belt is good for a duty belt. You’ve got a ton of stuff all around your belt, you can just peel the outer belt off to take a leak without disrupting your gear. I’m a reserve and it comes in handy when you’ve got baton, cuffs, radio, flashlight, and all the rest attached where you want on the outer belt. I have both, good duty belt and nice thick gun belt.


Update - I’ve been wearing my Nexbelt for a few months now, and really like it. At first, I had some difficulty with the lever that loosens the belt, but it has become easier to use with time. Much easier to adjust on the fly than other belts, and can easily hold a compact or micro pistol with a reload.


For Civilian use I use a VERSAcarry Belt w/ a ‘Commando’ Holster–tough as nails!
Slips into BDU’s, Jeans any pant.
For duty the dual inner belt loops/Velcro work real well w/ ‘Keeprs’
snaps @ 2/5/7/10 on the clock really keeps the pants cinched, the gear in proper place. EXCELLENT!
But Joseph548 NAILED it w/ the ease of ’ bathroom conditions’ w/ this pair of belts
I’ve been concerned with messing up someone’s ‘head’ w/ my baton, Holster, Mag holders etc.
Just un-snap,snap,snap,snap and go to work Easy Peazy.
And I am not (4) hours putting all that crap back on!

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Don102 I made a cross gun belt it goes from shoulder down to my pants belt and across my other shoulder so it looks like. :x: .AND IT’S GREAT IT SNAPS TO EACH SIDE OF MY GUN BELT IN THE FRONT ON EACH SIDE AND IN THE BACK OF MY GUN BELT BUT IN STEAD OF HOLDING BULLETS IT HOLDS MAGAZINES. Ten on each side in the front and the same in the back . And to get to the back just unsnap the Sri’s cross and sling the back magazines one side at a time I made it and I plan to have it pattent . And sell them to law enforcement. Love Bobby Jean twenty magazines confeee. And ballenced so anyone can carry twenty magazines with very little effort SIR POP ALL FOUR SNAPS AND YOU CAN CARRY TWENTY MAGAZINES 17, rounds no problem and with an extra large shirt no one can tell you have the crass your hart. Mag belts :bangbang::x: IN THE FRONT TWENTY MAGAZINES AND THE SAME IN THE BACK AND JUST POP EACH SNAP AND U. HAVE THE MAGAZINES POP ALL FOUR AND YOU HAVE 40 magazines . That is a little bit heavy but I will sell them for fifty dollars each and the only thing anyone needs is forty dobble stack magazines a lot of money for the hard wear but ALSOME. :feather::feather::heart::white_heart::blue_heart::us::100:

Does your setup look like this?


Daddy. Can we kill them all ??? :feather::feather::skull_and_crossbones::x::rotating_light::rotating_light::skull_and_crossbones::x:

I HAVE TO SLEEP IN MY GEAR AND WHEN I WAKE UP I TAKE IT ALL OFF AND SPRAY w.D.40. And clean UP MY TOOLS :toolbox: TOOLS :hammer_and_wrench: :hammer_and_wrench::hammer_and_pick::hammer_and_pick::hammer_and_wrench::toolbox::hammer_and_pick::hammer_and_wrench::hammer_and_pick::hammer_and_wrench::hammer_and_pick::toolbox::100: AND. THEN . Debbie a vacuums me and I am at READY . Shining like a new SILVER PENNY. . KAZ Debbie ann . Gots all my money and I can’t afford friends . KAZ. Of in flashion . Bastards. Out of F,N. Root beer .:popcorn::x::skull_and_crossbones::owl::feather::feather:it’s dry around here f power aids. Bitches :hammer_and_pick::x::hammer_and_wrench::rotating_light::rotating_light::popcorn::skull_and_crossbones::owl::broken_heart::zzz::+1:


Nope. That setup is very inefficient. :upside_down_face:

This works better, but you need really good belt… KORE should be OK. :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s why I ordered Perry Suspenders aka Braces. :grinning:


no aka… the choice can be only one…
You cannot suspend suspenders, but you can brace braces.

So using suspenders to describe braces has no sense at all.

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Todd30. I have three belts two for my edc’s and one for my pants :jeans: and my suspenders very GREAT COMFIEY :toolbox::hammer_and_wrench::hammer_and_pick::toolbox::100::100::100::feather::feather::us::bangbang: