Gun belt. Leather vs. Nylon

Hello I just wanted to get some opinions on belts. I have a leather belt for carrying but I been seeing the nylon belts. I just wanted to get some opinions on them for every day carry. Are they better or more comfortable. Any information would be great. Thank you

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Nylon vs leather… for me both work the same, as long they are EDC belts.
For practice and range I use nylon, for EDC - leather, because it match my outfit.
No comfort differences at all.
(recommendation - use the same manufacturer for both if you decide to have nylon and leather)

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Just like all things that you wear everyday, it is very personal! Find what works for you and go with it.


Finding the perfect belt is about has hard as finding the perfect holster… I have several of each that did not work for me. I prefer leather, but…

One thing to consider is the weight of your gun and extra mags. For a full sized steel gun with one or two extra mags, you will probably need a stiffer and maybe thicker belt than if you are carrying something like a Sig P365.

I have been told, and it makes sense, that OWB carry is a bit more demanding on the belt than IWB.

Good luck finding what works for you!

Bigfoot belts are a pretty good starting point if you want reinforced leather, I carry a 1911 with extra mag most days with this belt: They make thinner belts as well. Not cheap, but under $100.

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It’s interesting. I’ve used leather (The Beltman) for quite some time both carrying my EDC and holding my slacks up, sometimes with suspenders to balance the entire set up. One thing I started experimenting with recently is the nylon duty belt. That riding over my clothing belt seems to be very nice to hold the EDC and other gear nicely It’s not as stable making a draw and I’m looking at ways to anchor the holster/belt to the clothing. I’m thinking something like IWB leather loops on either side of the holster would to the job. Such holsters as Galco’s OWB “Fletch” are working for my J frame, P239 and even the P229* (although I prefer a shoulder rig for this, the 226, and 220). The one’s I’ve tried are Galco’s and NineLine’s. Good Hunting!

*/Edit: The P229 & P226 are either in a Galco Custom OWB I had made for P220 or (when config 9mm w/romeo red dots) Mitch Rosen OWBs. If I’m going some place I must have high retention on a belt I’ll use a Sherpa Lvl 3 duty holster.

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I’ve been a fan of most things Bianchi produces in leather, not so much in Nylon and Kydex. I have been wearing the same B21 contour belt for about 20 years and a Bianchi #3S IWB holster for about 30 Neither one has worn out yet but the belt has been a bit more abused since I have been wearing a tool pouch. I split the stitching on the top of the double layer belt but it does not affect the overall integrity of the belt. The belt is heavy enough that I don’t get the “gunslinger’s” belt droop on my right side and is wide enough that it doesn’t dig in. The holster has a “cantable” disk that allows you to angle the gun forward for more comfort. It has my required thumb brake as I carry a 1911 mostly, works good on my Beretta 92 and EAA Witness as well. The best part is the belt loop snaps which make it so I don’t have to thread the holster into my belt and pants. Just slip the loop under the belt and snap it shut, easy safe and secure.



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I have a Hanks leather belt and it works great for me. The black leather goes with both dress and casual attire. Supports firearm and mag very well although I usually carry spare mag in my pocket with a snagmag. I have the extreme model.

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Both…leather when I’m wearing jeans, nice khaki’s, golf shorts…Nylon when I’m at the range or if I’m hunting.

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Both are good, and if you can afford both, get both, as one may have use in areas the other does not, and vice versa.

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