Gun Vault: Ruger American Compact 9mm

There are a lot of Glock and Sig fanboys/girls out there. How about Ruger fanboys/girls?

Here’s another Ruger gun review by Kevin Michalowski, this time it’s about the Ruger American Compact:

Do you have a Ruger in your collection? Would you carry a Ruger?

I own and carry a Ruger Security 9 and I have hopes of acquiring a couple more Rugers. My experience with them has been nothing but good. I’m not saying they’re the finest things going, but I have had thousands of rounds of flawless function, it’s more accurate than I am, and it fits my hand as well or better than more expensive brands.

If you haven’t fired a Ruger yet, give them a try. They’re well worth consid ering.

Other than shotguns, Ruger has a platform for literally anyone. I’m actually partial to Ruger revolvers. Several Rugers are in the running for the next gun welcomed into our loving home.

Yes. Wiley Clapp GP-100 blued

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I started with the Ruger Single Six convertible back in the 80’s and also have both the LCP 380 and LCR 38 Special. Carry both LCP and LCR for different reasons when I cannot or want to carry my EDC Glock 19.