Gun storage

I submitted the following to USCCA I’m wondering how much support it would have.
The first of the year military bases across the Country will open up to disabled vets like myself for Exchange, commecary and MWR facilities.
As of now some of these bases while not being able to cary you can bring weapons in post albeit with a long drawn out process and even then it’s not a sure thing.
So if I want to go on base I need to keep my sidearm at home.
I have a potential solution to this problem.
If different organizations such as USCCA & the NRA got together with gun shops around Military bases and offerd a place to store firearms.
Of course there needs to be certain steps and procedures and a cost. Have different rates daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and so on.
Let all parties involved get a cut of the money.
I feel this is an untapped market that would be helpful for law abiding citizens and veterans all across America.
Let me and the folks at USCCA know how you feel.
Thanks and God Bless.


So instead of leaving your gun at home secured under your lock and key. You want to drive to the closest gun shop that’s on your way to the base which could be miles out of the way. Pay them to lock up your firearms for safe keeping and then drive to the base.
I dont understand. Do you live a long distance from the base and are you trying to limit the distance/miles you are from being disarmed by storing your firearm closer? :slight_smile: :thinking: (thinking to myself…this guy is slick and owns a gun shop next to a base hahaha … only joking)
I dont know about your area but gun shops around here are sparse but we do have a bank on every corner it seems like. Safety Deposit boxes are not that expensive for the size you need. Call all the banks in route and super close to the base and I would personally ask to speak directly with the manager. Local banks will probably be more receptive but not if your living in a tyrantical state. You might want to lead off the conversation about opening a savings account (since you will be accessing your box more than normal patrons) and renting a safety deposit box for your specific needs. A lot of banks let people keep firearms in their boxes because they are family heirlooms or expensive collector items.
The banks and gun shop hours are the same here but the banks do try to take off on every single holiday there is.


Sound like something you don’t need to wait on large orgs to get behind before you start. Is there a shop or range local to you closest base that you could make a proposal to? Prove the model?