GUN Storage for travelers entering anti 2A states

Has anyone thought of starting a gun storage facility near states that are not gun friendly? That way people can bring guns right up to the border, store guns, enter anti gun state and pick up guns on the way out.


This is a good topic to explore.

How much would you pay to store your gun for an hour? For a day?

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My son works for a government contractor and had to travel to a military base in Missouri for his job. He and a colleague brought their firearms with them and left them locked in a safe at the hotel while on base because they were not allowed on base. Then, on the last day when they had to check out, they did not think they could leave them at the hotel because of check out time and looked to a gun shop to store them. Because of the store hours, they would have to leave them overnight and pick them up the next day. They were told that if the weapons were not picked up the same day, a NICS check would have to be done risking a possible delay in getting them back.
As it turns out, they ended up planning a departure before the time they had to check out and left them in the safe again.
I don’t know if the NICS check would be required by law or if it was a store policy. Maybe I should ask an attorney :thinking: