Gun sniffing dog

I wonder what happens if somebody sprayed gun oil or cleaner on all of the garbage cans? maybe just walk around spraying it other people. don’t go to MOA


Gun sniffing dogs have been around for awhile now.

They work.

If you carry a gun where it is not allowed (illegal, or private property owners exercisting private property rights) and there is a dog, it’s probably going to smell your gun.

Avoiding those locations seems like a good call when you want to remain armed. No need to go to that particular mall eh


In MinneSomalia? Pass.


I live in a state bordering MN and have a MN concealed carry permit. My state recognizes the MN CCW but MN will not recognize my home state’s CCW. I had to get a MN permit, spend $200 to go through their approved training and do this every 5 years if I want to remain armed going to and from my Summer home in Northern MN. I believe we need a National Reciprocity law NOW treating CCW’s like your driver’s license, and put an end to this BS. If MOA would allow CCW licensees to carry, they could eliminate or reduce the expensive 8 dogs and handlers that patrol that Mall.


Adopting actual solutions to real problems would put a lot of people out of business.


Here is the thing.

The people passing these laws, to them, it being difficult for you to carry isn’t a problem. It’s the goal. The goal is for it to be difficult, if not impossible, for you to carry.

I have a big issue with national Reciprocity because it is putting the federal legislature in a position to decide who can carry a gun overriding the state. I don’t want the precedent of the federal legislature having a say in who can carry in what state.

I also doubt that non MN residents being able to carry in MN while at the mall would make any kind of a noteworthy difference, that’s sure to be an uncommon thing especially since the mall prohibits guns even if you were to have a recognized permit, it’s still against their rules and the dogs can still kick you out


dogs can be a good thing but the sats say that they only get it right like 49% of the time. so say i go to moa i leave my firearm in the car locked up, now i’m walking around the mall the dog tags me cuz i may have gun oil on me or my spare mag, false tag and now i’m treated like a bad guy. well i’m just not going to moa they dont like gun or my money!!!


Maybe a little off topic, but are the Fifty Lakes a safe place to travel to for a weekend?


GREAT, now the FTA will get them now!

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Bring your own dog that will sniff out the gun sniffing dog :thinking:


Most of the .gov for instance!

I am WAY AHEAD of all these people!

I have a ‘Dog’ sniffing GUN! I put a little dog hair by the barrel and it finds every Hydrant
in a (3) block radius! (Not incredibly useful but hey you gotta go w/ your strengths amirite?)
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