Gun seizures



FBI gun seizure orders at historic highs. Hmmm. Maybe they are just now starting to do their job. Consider some of the bigger mass shooters and the NICS checks they passed …

  1. West Virginia Tech mass shooter, formally adjudicated a mental health danger to himself or others. Held the record for worst mass shooting for a long time. Passed NICS background check. Nuthin’ to see here.
  2. Parkland FL high school shooter, handled more than 30 times by local LE. Passed NICS background check. Nuthin’ to see here.
  3. Southerland Springs TX church shooter. Discharged from Navy for domestic violence, formally committed to mental institution, then escapes. Passed NICS check. Nuthin’ to see here.
  4. Las Vegas Mandalay Bay shooter. Prescribed anti-anxiety drugs. No follow up by doc, no reports to anyone in LE passes NICS check. Nuthin’ to see here.
  5. Charleston SC church shooter. Arrested for felony possession of Suboxon, a prescription anti-opiod drug. Released, passes NCIS even after extended review from FBI because FBI couldn’t find his arrest records. Nuthin’ to see here.
  6. Gabby Giffords shooter was suspended from the local community college after a number of run ins with campus police and sudden personality changes. He was told that he could not return to the college and was banned from campus until/unless he received a mental health clearance. Passes the NICS check (no one in LE bothered to report him to the NICS) and after the shooting is deemed a paranoid schizophrenic who is incompetent to stand trial. Nuthin’ to see here.