Not Everyone Should Have Guns

This appears to be a case of not everyone can be trusted with firearms. The scary part and maybe the thing that exonerates this guy is that he’s been working as an Armed Security Guard but hasn’t actually shot anyone, Yet.
A very concerning part of this to me is:
“The gun sale was denied after a background check was conducted, which prompted the State Bureau of Investigation to further look into the matter.”

“As the state looked further into Richardson’s background, investigators learned that Richardson was discharged from the U.S. Marine Corps in 2018”

“was adjudicated in juvenile court for sexual abuse of a child, which had it been committed by an adult would have been a second-degree felony,”

Looks to me like if you fail on your application your entire life is opened up to scrutiny by this or that law enforcement agency. Don’t get me wrong, in my opinion this guy is a richard head, my point here is, do they dig 10 years into the past of everyone that get’s denied?


According to the article, Richardson possessed a “license” to be an armed private security guard issued by the Utah Division of Professional Licensing. Sounds like another instance of a government agency not doing its job competently. Maybe it’s time to fire some of the folks at the Division of Professional Licensing.

The Utah Division of Professional Licensing also had Richardson surrender his license to be an armed private security guard and told him he cannot “reapply for licensure as any type of security officer in the state of Utah until five years have elapsed,” according to the order from the division.


Something else to consider is that they looked to juvenile offenses in their search. Juvenile records
usually are kept private.
I know of one man who has an extensive B & E record of residences and now I’ve been told
he is a “Specialty Consultant” in residential security… How was this allowed if juvenile records are considered?
I am not an attorney but, I wonder…


Falls under the “It Takes a Thief to Catch a Thief” line of thinking.


My thoughts were why this particular man can get State and Federal licenses with his juvvie record and the guy in Utah gets blown out of the water.
Of course, Texas v Utah laws explain part of it.
Theft and shoplifting ? Didn’t there used to be a recent online thread about granting gun rights to morons who received firearm rights even though they were illegal aliens with violent histories?


I will say this about New Mexico NMRLD
(New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Division)
They go WAY BACK in your history.
Not saying the odd Rotten Apple doesn’t get through.
I’ve seen some Rotten to the Core.
Bad Companies desperate to fill shifts do stupid things also.
But with the added $300 ‘Psyke’ Evaluation Habitual Offenders
usually get caught. They just can’t help Convict themselves.
But THIS is particularly asinine. A Sex Offender, Habitual Gun offense Offender,
Drummed out of the Military and yet he is ‘possibly’ eligible to return to Armed Service
in (5) years? That’s jus sh!t stupid. Banned for LIFE!

Does the LAW EVER throw Bad guy’s in Jail anymore?
Do we still have Prison’s?
Or just the Good Guy’s are now eligible for jail ?
This country has gone Mad I tell you! Mad, Madm Mad! ahahahahahhahahahahahahhahah!