Gun Security

Is the SnapSafe the only one available that you can assemble in your home? Is the quality there? How about Stack-On products?

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These are good for home as well:

  • Liberty
  • ProVault
  • SecureIt

or old school Rhino IronWorks.


Liberty and provault (cabelas branded liberty) are made in USA, RSC (residential security containers). Secureit is assembly required like the snapsafes.

Stack-on is made in Mexico RSC (not officially UL rated). I went with them because their warehouse is local to me, so I could pickup and avoid shipping. I have a 18 gun model and a 24 gun model. They serve their purpose. But understand they’re comparable to RSC rated safes at best (designed to survive hand tools for 5 minutes). You want more protection than that, get ready to spend 10x on TL rated safes (designed to survive power tools for 15-20 minutes).


THX - I first saw the SnapSafe 10 years ago, and even then it beat the Browning “Presidential” assembled safe’s fire rating on max temp and time - wish I could’ve bought one then when I had the $$. FYI - Kurt17

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Also picking a safe depends on where you live, renting, apartment, home. Where it’s going to be installed. Basement, or upstairs. Floor needs to hold the weight. Mostly safes don’t hold what is stated. Long guns are an issue, sometimes barrel up & sometimes down. It’s a puzzle at times depending on weapons. Wish you luck.


You can significantly improve the security of cheaper safes if you’re handy. For example bolting it to studs and/or floor in a corner, to prevent the use of any pry tool on the door. Building drywall around it to prevent the use of any rotary cutting tools.