Gun owner insurance

And that your home owners insurance will cover the replacement value of your firearms? Most home owners have a limit on how much they replace when it comes to jewelry and firearms - and it’s not a lot.

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Are you asking for insurance in case your firearms get stolen?

If so, Yes, there are policies such as home owners insurance and renters insurance that give you options to add firearms to your policy. You would have to contact the insurance company you work with to find out what your options for that actually are. People wouldn’t be smart if they broke into my place looking for firearms. I am ALWAYS home lol.

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Which is why Insurance Companies come up with “Riders” Just off the cuff, the last I looked on my HOI Jewelry & Firearms were around 3k. w/o a specific rider.


I’m not sure who you are insured with, and I am by no means an insurance agent or in that business at all. With that disclaimer out of the way, USAA allowed me to insure up to 10k just for firearms. I have a different denomination for jewelry and for other types of valuables that would be in the home. But at the end of the day the 10k is probably not enough for some collectors and hobbyists anyway. I believe there are larger denominations of coverage available though them, you would have to check if you are interested, I’ve had their policy for many years now. There’s enough guns in the USA that we could arm every man, woman and twenty something two times over. Some folks spend 3k on one firearm. 3000$ limit sounds a bit low for any insurer. Have you looked at your policy recently or re-adjusted for new purchases etc?

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That’s about average for firearms in home owners policies.


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