Gum Tragacanth & Leather Belts

I’ve never heard of this stuff before, but several years ago I purchased a brown Daltech Force gun belt and really liked and recommended it to others. As a Christmas present to me, I asked my wife to get me another one in black. She did, and it was very soft and the inside finish was very rough. It also lacked the “Daltech Force” label on the inside of the brown belt:

The only markings were as shown in this view:

I suspected I had either received a counterfeit Daltech belt, or it had missed a step in the manufacturing process, so I contacted Daltech to find out. They assured me it was not a counterfeit, but if I wanted to swap it for a thicker belt they would be willing to do that. I kindly thanked them and assured them I did not want a thicker belt as I would not be able to thread it thru the belt loops of most of my pants.

I’ve tried my best to like the new black belt, but after 8 months of trying, I decided it just did not meet the quality of the brown one. That’s where Gum Tragacanth comes in. I bought a bottle of Tandy Leather brand off Amazon, applied 2 coats to the back side of the black belt and used the “body” of a metal Sharpie pen to burnish the back/inside of the leather. Holy Cow! What a difference!

The belt is now stiffer as well as without all that fuzzy backside leather grabbing onto my pants, I can rotate it back and forth around my waist - even with an IWB holster on. :+1: Just thought I would share an economical solution to a previously aggravating problem to me.

Edit: Not sure this would work on synthetic belts …


I have fought with belts for 35 years. Or more. I have always lived on a farm and the belt sometimes is use fir unusual, unexpected applications.

For a VERY TOUGH BELT yo ucant beat the Filson double belt. It will live longer than you: VERY tough.

he other belt I got that I must say surprised me was from LA Police Gear. A MUCH lighter belt, but has some kind of stiff plastic that wonnt let your belt “sag” on you. I have been very happy with it. I dont see a link to the belt I have, but looks like they have improved the clasp. I have liked this belt. With a new clasp I might even like it better…