Great Documentary

“Arming America,” on Prime video.
Two thumbs up doc that covers the manufacturing n development of arms in USA



I disagree with most of that criticism. Just watched it in full, and didnt pay attention to any “leanings,” just solid historical data.

It was interesting and I enjoyed it. Had no misgivings going in that it was nearly as pro-2A as I. Wouldnt really expect anything from Hollywood to hit that bar, except perhaps Clint Eastwood.

I’m not a politician or actor, except inside my home :slight_smile: and definitely not a film critic…I simply liked it. Didnt intend to create anything polarized with the recommend if I did.


I have not watched it, just concerned about the reviews.

I dont pay attention to reviews :wink:
Plus my wife wasnt trying to get the remote while I was playing it…


I’ve seen a few documentaries on Amazon prime video concerning the 2ND Amendment. I haven’t seen this one but I’ll check it out. The last one I watched was narrated by Ice-T but I cannot remember the title. :v:t5:

Removed comment. Mistook it for a different film.

I recommend another one on Prime, “Keep and Bear”. Surprisingly well presented, and not what you expect.


Just watched nearly all of that, thx for the recommend. It did a good job of taking one from knowing nothing about firearms to sound, logical reasoning for support of the 2A.

2 thumbs up !

This also reminded me that a lot of Americans don’t even understand how firearms work. I’ve lived a life wherein, with the exception of boot camp, I’ve never been around folks who didn’t have ANY experience firing a gun. I need to keep reminding myself that not everyone grew up with firearms in the home or learned to shoot at a young age.
So theres a mistake we, “the gun crowd” make - we at times presume others are as familiar and/or qualified with different things as we may, or should try to be.

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I watched yesterday. And some of what was in it I had seen before. some of it looked like it was shown on AMERICAN RIFLEMAN on the Outdoor Channel by the NRA. And it was real interesting. I liked it. I’m going to have to look up KEEP AND BEAR on Amazon Prime and see if it is there. Another one that I liked on Amazon Prime is a series called AMERICAN GUN. And it is a documentary of about 14 episodes. And it is a good one for some history on guns as well.

Keep and Bear was on Prime yesterday, watched most of it…very good.