An interesting video on the defense of the Continental U.S

Interesting video.
We’re protected if we’re willing to fight. Fighting takes strength not pronoun’s and culture wars! Not to mention an actual Commander in Chief. We have a “him” at the beach, more times than he’s been at work!
We have a COWARD in Chief.

When I served, I knew for a fact, people at home could sleep safely. I was sitting on 16 nuclear tipped A3 Polaris Missiles. We could hit our mark within 1,000 yards! From 2,500 nautical miles out!
The good thing about technology is the Trident II D5 with a range of more than 4,000+ nautical miles and speeds upward of Mach 18.
As far as I know accuracy, within 90 m. From a floating platform!
I’d feel pretty good if I could achieve that type of accuracy with my rifle.
I’ve seen three Navy SEAL snipers achieve that!
How many of the most brave, highly trained ( SEALs, Delta, Rangers) in the world have been dismissed because they wouldn’t take an experimental “vaccine?”
In addition how much weaponry and cash is he going to leave in Ukraine when the coward “pulls out”? I’m surprised he fathered children!

I do think we’re accomplishing our own destruction from within!


Interesting aspects of world defense. The wild west is a hard egg to crack.


Money spent on military is a lousy parameter to start with. Roughly 30 years making stuff for our military,the extra 2percent in quality/performance costs 3x the price (guesstimate, but F22 and F35 project experience and the $$$ was insane).We are not the country we were in 1943 and we now have the weakest leadership since the Carter years, and the most corrupt leadership ever imo. Skimmed through the cyber stuff, think it was pretty accurate. I had some info that a cyber attack was coming that we weren’t prepared for, though that timeframe has passed…
I think what we have on our side is a nation of pissed off people ready to take their frustrations out on anything wanting to mess with them :rofl:


My interest was more on the physical barriers and the infrastructure, I have never seen it put quite that way. And this guy is in Denmark.

And if I can not I have plenty to donate. :us:


Having friends from Canada who came and went legally and illegally back when we were younger…well, there was a whole lot of open area there. Mexico, cripe, look at the mess that’s known.
I don’t see a war involving mass troop gatherings. Bin Laden and daesch had the “right” idea. Add some hypersonic missiles, dirty bombs, a virus outbreak, effective hacking and a demented corrupt leader in the WH…cripe, the possibilities are endless. Have a good night🤪
Edit, just remembered most fentanyl is a “gift” from China.


Pure garbage, especially the last minute or so.

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I’m glad you didn’t disappoint me. :roll_eyes:


Nothing new there. The USSR knew it, The Chinese know, The Russian Know it. Once here they will have to contend with the locals. If you want to know how effective the locals are simply look at Afghanistan. Show up around here and we’ll be hiding in the mountains we played in as kids, you’ll never see us but you’ll certainly know we’re here.


Think bigger. Enemies of the U.S. aren’t going to march armies down the interstate. This isn’t 1822.

Adversaries are going to attack our infrastructure, specifically our cyber infrastructure. How do we know they’ll do this? Because they’ve been doing it since the internet was invented. It doesn’t take an artillery shell or a missile to hurt us, anymore.


Folks playing Red Dawn fantasies again?
Please… where were you when rioters burned cities

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You seem rather obsessed with this subject, perhaps you should seek some help. :pray:
And where were you? My city nor my county had any riots. Lucky me. :man_shrugging:

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I am in the South of Florida, no riots here really. Police knees not bendy, DeSantis signed anti-rioting laws, this kinda stuff.
So it must be my White fragility.


I hear you Brother, the suspense has us all on edge. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I was with the owner of my employment and others standing guard over the business.