Great (cheap) Ammo - AngelFire Ammo!


Before I get questions about my affiliation with, or remuneration from the following vendor let me just say this. I am not part of this company, nor have I ever received any kickbacks from them, nor do I seek to. I don’t know them, I’ve never met them. I just happen to be a big big fan and I’m sharing my feelings about, and experience with a fantastic company selling fantastic products.

That being said - For 3 years now I have been shooting AngelFire ammo darn near exclusively. They sell new and remanufactured ammo. No, not reloaded. Remanufactured. Yes there is a difference. Yes it’s a BIG difference. One is not regulated at all. Anyone can reload with a little training and the right equipment and most firearms manufacturers frown upon using it in their firearms. Some firearms manufacturers even consider it an invalidation of your warranty. I’m not passing judgement. If you reload more power to ya. Just stating facts. Remanufactured ammo is produced by the standards for making brand new ammo, is regulated by the ATF as such, and does not by any account void anyone’s warranty. In many cases it’s as good (if not better in this case) as any brand new mass produced big box product.

3 years and thousands of rounds in various calibers later through a number of different firearms and still ZERO issues. Great looking, super accurate, clean rounds. Plus they have a “5000% Ironclad Guarantee”. I’ve never tested this because I’ve never had too. I just bought more this AM in 9mm and .223. They are currently selling 500 round cases of 9mm 115gr for 86 and change. That's .17 a round. I paid 127 for 500 rounds of 55gr .223. Again .25 a round. NO TAX, and shipping is negligible. Guys/Gals I HIGHLY recommend trying them. If you need ammo, and let’s face it WE ALL NEED AMMO. LOL. Check them out. You will not be sorry. Let’s support the businesses giving us fantastic products at awesome pricing. After all, this sport is not cheap.


Always open to finding ammo vendors. Thank you for the heads up. For that money I’ll give them a try.


Hey, I appreciate it! I’ll give them a look right now.


Just checked them out. They offer a 7% discount to military, first responders, and a few others. I’ll be ordering from them soon!


I’ve always went to to research ammo prices.

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They also give you “bullet points”. For every order you get so many points which you can use for various perks and levels of coupons. If you think these prices are good, wait until they have one of their big sales. That’s usually when I drop money on big bulk purchases.


I used to use gunbot… Then I started buying from a small company in Texas… They made great stuff but went out of business. I then used Freedom Munitions. They went out of business, and their quality was inconsistent. On the recommendation of a few firearms blogs, and a couple pro shooters I tried Angelfire. Like I said, this is my 3rd year shooting nothing but their product and I have never had a single issue. FMJ, HP, and even some of their V-max stuff in different calibers. It’s all great. Plus it’s cheaper, and it’s all brass. The offer a variety of calibers, weights, types of bullet, etc. I cannot say enough good things about this company.


I used to as well, but after reading some reviews I think I’ll be switching!

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Have you ever found one of their bullets to be out of spec?

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Not ever have I experienced a squib, stove pipe due to the ammo, a damaged round, or any other imperfection. It’s clean, pretty stuff. In fact, if you didn’t know it was “reman” you’d never guess. And I’m “weird” LOL. I like to open the ammo and run my fingers through each batch just to do a quick check. And well, there is nothing cooler than running your hands through 1000 rounds and hearing them all clink together. Right!? Plus, I’m of the mind that if you’re going to offer a “5000% ironclad guarantee” you better honor it. But I’ve never had the “opportunity” to test it. That’s a good thing and it really says something. I know they use Hornady, and maybe even Nosler projectiles in their ammo so that’s top notch right there.


BTW. As I mentioned, I placed another order this AM. They’ve already shipped it and it will be in my hands in Wisconsin on Monday… That’s what I’m talking about!!!


Oh nice, another Wisconsinite!

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I think we need to find a day we can all play hooky for a day and take Dawn up on her offer of a tour!


Heck yeah. I live about 25-30 mins from West Bend and actually have a couple of neighbors who work at USCCA. Although, admittedly I don’t know them. However, I met some of the folks at ShotShow… Really great people.


Where the cheese and beer flow like rivers. LOL


Don’t do it today! I’m “playing hooky” (vacation day). But definitely take me up on it! And if I have enough notice, I may be able to swing some range time too! The range we use is 15 min from the office. No guarantees on the range portion - but a tour is a definite!

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And the old fashions and fish fries! :slight_smile:

You should totally introduce yourself to those neighbors. I did a little digging to see who they are and the two I found are awesome! (Everyone who works at the USCCA is awesome!)

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I’m 30 min away from West Bend as well.


around an hour for me (i live south of Madison)


I’d gladly make that drive!