Good thing she was armed


My only thought is “oh, well.” I do feel sorry for the intended victim, though. It must be tough to kill a person, especially one so young. However, I believe her life is likely more meaningful than the vermin that died. One less detriment to society. Studies show that it is only a couple of percent of criminals that commit most crimes. She likely aided in making her area a far better place to live. Three violent felons off the streets; one permanently.


Teenage violent crimes with use of handguns, and running around in small groups, robbing, carjacking, and trying to show their wee-wee little punk @$$ manhood are on the rise. Rather than getting educated, getting a job, and showing real responsibility, they’d rather take the easy way out, and face whatever consequences that their actions REWARDS them. Furthermore, now that HANDGUNS are being used to ASSAULT and/or with intent to go as far as to kill by teens, Biden will be BANNING ALL ASSAULT WEAPONS! The education teens are getting is from the ADULT CRIMINALS that commit adult crimes. Thanks to the MACHO CRIMINALS that set a GREAT EXAMPLE to DISRUPT our peaceful way of living.