"Good Neighbor" Followup

How was this situation resolved? This is in response to a member complaining about a new tenant plastering his apartment door with gun-related stickers and posters, deliberately creating an eyesore, and potentially violating his lease. I’ve lived in apartments where your lease bans you from even hanging a picture on a wall. No alterations to the property of any kind - without express, written permission from the owner or manager - is a direct violation of the agreement, subjecting you to eviction. This particular situation could’ve set up burglars who routinely case apartment buildings for easy scores, as well as upsetting other tenants. Management should’ve been informed ASAP - and the tenant should’ve been reminded regarding his lease - to remove everything posted on the door. This is the kind of behavior I’d expect from an ignorant hillbilly. You have the USE of a property as a TENANT - not the liberty to change it in any way as the owner.


Think you are referring to this thread?:

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It sounds like this guy’s carelessness and lack of discretion might’ve lead to a “legend in his own mind” situation. If he routinely wears gun-related clothes, this is as stupid as wearing a martial arts T-shirt and walking into a bar. I’d keep my dealings with an individual like that civil, but at arm’s length. You yourself should remain as a “gray man” among your friends and other neighbors. In the past, I once had the nephew of a local sheriff move in next to me - make a pig-sty out of his apartment - and ask me if I had a gun he could borrow to shoot the live-in apartment manager who’d called him to account for it!

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This was a response to a much earlier post, but it fits this one, too. I don’t like loose threads, particularly news reports where there’s no follow-ups.

It is pretty annoying to read through a whole book only to find the last several pages are missing.

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