Giving back to your local community

There are a lot of facets to protecting your family, loved ones and community. One of the awesome things we do at the USCCA Headquarters to give back to our community is a blood drive. Every quarter the blood center comes in for a morning and we can donate during work hours.

I used to donate on my way home from work once a quarter, donating at work makes it so much easier for me to keep the donation schedule!

How do you give back to your local community?


In my old place I used to do things all the time to help out. Smaller, rural, and a bit more personal. Since I moved to the “city”, almost 3 years now, zip, nada, nothing. Heck, I can’t even get the neighbors to say hi. They look at me like I am about the mug them…

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That’s sad. I’ve been giving blood for the last four-ish years. I didn’t know my neighbors, but I knew the blood donations were helping people.

My daughter is going to need surgery in a few months, I’m hoping I can donate again before that. It would be great to help her during the surgery (I feel like a helpless mom when I can’t do something to help my kids.)

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Dawn, I believe that is a great thing to do. Around here they are always short it seems. In my case, I cannot donate, so that is not an option. There are plenty of things to do to help the community. I am not “plugged in” yet. Apparently, even in Montana, you get in the city and people are just not all that friendly like out in the rural parts.


We do a blood drive at work every quarter. I personally do not give because they wont take it. Has something to do with me being in Germany from 1980 to 1985 but they will not explain it.


I am member of and currently the chairman of Supporting Heroes, Inc. and have been on the board for quite a few years. Supporting Heroes provides support for the families of public safety personnel (law enforcement, fire and EMS) who are killed in the line of duty.

Our mission is to honor the service and sacrifice of public safety heroes who give their lives in the line of duty - by caring for the loved ones they leave behind.

Since 9/11/2004, when Supporting Heroes was formed, the organization has responded to 180 LOD deaths in Kentucky and Indiana and 19 in Missouri since we expanded our service area in 2018 and provide support to 712 survivors.

Supporting Heroes provides immediate emergency funds of $5,000 to the family of a Hero killed in the line of duty. We provide support in honoring the Hero with the appropriate traditional honors and recognition for the Hero’s service (police/fire/ems). We support the agency family working with other agencies in the area to provide support an coverage so the home agency has the opportunity to participate and grieve the loss of their comrade.

We then provide continued financial and emotional support for the family including assistance with their obtaining any state or federal LODD benefits that may be available.

We also help connect survivors with each other with events throughout the year where they can help each other.


I “give back” to my community every day…by being a good citizen. I fulfill my obligations, take no more than my fair share of community resources, pay my taxes, wait my turn, behave at least civilly to everyone I interact with, show respect to proper authorities, obey the rules of the road, and just generally behave as an unobtrusive citizen.

I do other things for specific organizations, but that’s all anonymous.

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2 years new neighbor. Has never even looked my way . I am friends with her dog.