Gift ideas for the gun-lovers in your life


I’ve seen a bunch of items that would make great gift ideas for the gun-lovers in your life throughout the USCCA Online Community and thought it would be nice to have them in one area for future reference (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, just because days…)

(This thread does not constitute an endorsement by the USCCA for any of the products listed. Someone participating in the USCCA Online Community thought the idea was cool and thought that you might like it too, so they posted about it here.)

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Here’s an idea suggested by @38Snubnose:

Brass “bullet pen”
Made from .308 and 30-06 rifle ammo casings. Frank is a 14 year US Navy Veteran (1082-1996).



USN Veteran (1982-1996). LOL!!!


Gift cards /certificates from their favorite shop or range is another. My sister got my wife and me some this past Christmas. I’ve never been more proud, and excited.


I got my wife a stun Gun for Christmas one year!!:rofl::joy: the gift that keep on given!!


Gift cards
Range time
Anything from some of the veteran owned companies out there:
Black rifle coffee
Grunt style
Nine line
Ranger up
Just to name a few


My wife and son get me Ammo, gun shop gift cards, Rural King gift cards, they got me a holster one year. They even bought me a rifle for Father’s Day one year. Gift cards are the best.


Whoops! I missed the typo!!

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If y’all are shopping I want a full-up gunsmithing kit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :laughing:

Actually my hubby’s bought me firearms before, that rocked :smiley:
I find shopping for him easy - reloading components will ALWAYS work.
Mags for anything
Anti-rust gun socks
Dehumidifiers for inside the safe
A better range bag
a SIRT-type pistol and laser reactive targets
flip-over or steel reactive targes (the ones that look like jacks)
a fold-up hand truck for hauling gear from your truck to the range
a bore site

If you’re looking for something less pricey:
a better speedloader for magazines (I like the Maglula Uplula type)
a mag disassembly tool
silicone gun cleaning cloth
a better bore snake

or if you need really cheap:
make them a book of coupons for “one free gun cleaning”

Ok, nothing romantic in there. I’m a tool-user, and I love practical gifts, so I don’t need roses. Just wrap up a gunsmiths punch set with a bunch of baby’s breath and a red ribbon and I’m happy :grin:

but if you need something bling, shotgun shell or other cartridge jewelry:

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I hear ya. @James knows i’d rather have a shotgun than diamonds any day! :heart_eyes:


I made a bunch of these christmas ornaments one year for coworkers. A couple ended up on our tree as well. Super simple and cheap. Especially for making a bunch. Even though glitter is the devil, found these little tubes of different color glitter that poured directly in the ornament. Crisis diverted. :sunglasses:


I’m easy in that department. More gun cleaning supplies, ammo, disposable ear plugs (for the kids, they aren’t as in to it as me, the real guns don’t have enough pixels :thinking: )
Even metal ammo boxes, especially since my wife stole one to keep the dogs out of her terribleyucky (teriyaki) jerky. $12 at chinamart i mean Walmart. Taking one of those boxes and putting a bunch of smaller things in there makes a nice little bundle.


Recently I ordered something and ended up with a free subscription to a magazine I didn’t want. I threw the latest copy on the table this morning and it flopped open to this:

I expected it to smell like Hoppe’s No. 9 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Ok, it doesn’t. Boo. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: