Gift Ideas For Shooters

Hey everyone - we’re looking for your feedback (yes, again!). We’re working on providing you some unique firearms-oriented gift ideas and were wondering what you think about this necklace?

Every bullet charm would be unique. Bullet color and caliber would vary and the thickness of the bullet may vary (mostly thin cut). The chain would be 20" long.

You would be able to choose to have the crystal-covered or exposed primer. Bullet color and caliber would vary (most are made of brass and nickel-plated brass - a few are aluminum, which is extremely shiny and lightweight). *These are not nickel-free.

Would you give this as a gift?

  • Yes! $25 is a steal for this unique gift!
  • Yes! I’d give it and wear it!
  • No, this isn’t something I’d be interested in

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What unique gifts have you gotten that really special to you?


I personally do not wear jewelry but I know family and friends that do, and it would be a good present for them!


I just asked the “Boss” on her opinion.

Her response, “Oh yeah, I like it, I would definitely wear it.”

I then asked if it was worth $25, she said “Yes, for sure.”

There you have.

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I wear religious sacrament also around my neck. I fear losing a finger so I seldom wear my stainless steel wedding band I paid $10 for in Florida after losing my second gold wedding band. I found it later in one of my shoes 3 years later. I feel safer in the stainless though. Crazy and all in my head.

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I would not buy it but would be a nice gift of appreciation of some level for supporting USCCA through years of service, membership, instructors, Etc. May be something to look forward too to stay committed.

Make it out of sterling silver, and you might have something.

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When we get to the .45 tie tack, I’m in.

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Yeah, I’d go for a .45 tie tack. That would be cool.

This isn’t something I’d wear. I have a necklace with a Tyrannosaur, and that’s the only jewelry I ever wear. I asked a couple of women I know, and one of them said they knew some people who would wear it, but they wouldn’t.

I could go for a USCCA pocket watch.

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I just don’t wear tie tacks much, but I do wear a belt every day. So I’ve been thinking about a P320 XFive Legion belt buckle custom made in sterling silver:

Belt Buckle Design 25

The only thing I wear around my neck theses days is my neck knife!


This would be a fun gift for some of my friends that carry the ‘wrong’ caliber. :wink:

I wonder if the market would bear “customer provided” casings? I doubt seriously you would offer 45 Win Mag but I would offer a few fired cases to be made into the above mentioned dangles. It would be a cool piece to present your significant other with “this is the first round you ever fired”.

As a marketing advantage I would ensure that all the offerings are compatible with common “icon bracelets” such as the Pandora and similar series of bracelets where you can add all manner of dangly things. Necklace? Mmmm not so much.

I don’t wear jewelry but I give it often.




Received my ma’s bible after she passed. It was very well used. Unique to me…


Great idea. Very special. I’m 100% positive you could find someone to make you a bespoke piece.

My daughter snatch my personal study Bible from my high school days. Worn out. I have several translations including Greek. I got tired of Bible only Christians misguidedly accusing Catholics of not knowing the Bible. Not true at all. I could point out the same thing about non-Catholic Christians. :rofl: after all I was. Fundamentalist Christian only half of my life.

Anyway, sorry about that. I like the tie tack and the knife. A lapel pin would be cool too.


They have a USCCA lapel pin in the store.


.50BMG cuff links!


A longer chain and I would be in! (22" neck haha)

10mm tie tacks would be sweet! I would happily supply a few “materials”.

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I’m telling ya. Uplula mag loaders.