Gift Ideas for the Protector in Your Family

My Christmas list this year is pretty simple - I’m betting I definitely get the second item on my list :wink:

  • an AR-15
  • 24 hours of uninterrupted me time (life’s been busy lately)
  • a new range backpack
  • a corset holster
  • a new knife - mine seem to disappear into other loved one’s pockets
  • and a trip anywhere! :wink:

Having trouble deciding what to get the protector in your family? Check out these ideas from blogger Tom McHale:

What is on your Christmas List? :christmas_tree:


I am not wearing the corset holster you got me last year.
No way!

Gift card to TargetSportsUSA.
Rolls of tape.
Boxes of staples.
D-Lead and CleanHands wipes.

Basically I need replacements for the disposable/ consumable items.


Hmmm… I’ve got permanent list (I keep my tools in good shape and no needs to change or add anything):

  • 24 hours of uninterrupted me time
  • a trip anywhere

Thx @Dawn.
You made my writing easy (copy & paste)


Mine is easy
Ammo(or a gift card for ammo)
Universal gift card(money). Its always
the right size.
Anyone that says I’m hard to buy for is lying. They know where the gun shop is.

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  • ammo
  • More ammo
  • Maybe some ammo
  • If you can’t think of anything else, then just some ammo

I’ve asked for first aid supplies to build some smaller kits.
Some magazines and other things I’ll need for a training class
Batteries both AA and Cr123A
I’ll agree with @45IPAC I’m not hard to buy to for people just think I’m boring to buy for. That may be true.


@David38, but what about getting you some ammo? :laughing:

My list…

  • Supplies for teaching (extra ears and eyes, pens and notepads, a portable filebox on wheels)
  • Time off to spend at home
  • Gun Cleaning mat by Sage & Braker



I guess that would be OK.

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My list:
Tac pen
Gift card
More ammo

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Don’t really want anything for myself. I live a few miles out of town with sparse neighbors around. Been looking at a dyi home security system to keep watch on the driveway, front/back doors and side yard. Just ordered 1k reds of JHP 32ACP to go with the 1k rds of 9mm.

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