Favorite Tactical Stocking Stuffer?

We’re back to school. Halloween costumes are all over the stores already. Thanksgiving recipes are on the cover of all of the cooking magazines. Before you know it the Christmas will be upon us! :christmas_tree:

What do you wish to see in your Christmas* stocking this year? What’s your favorite, affordable self-defense stocking stuffer?

*Please fill in the appropriate holiday tradition for your beliefs. :slight_smile:

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Gift card, that way I can choose the item.



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Gift cards, and ammo for Christmas at my house.


The problem with stocking stuffer ammo is the stockings keep falling off the mantle. :laughing:
Need sturdier hooks.

Tools for me… cleaning brushes, picks, a multitool. New sights. A tactical flashlight.

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Ditto 45IPAC…ammo and gift cards…

Now under the tree…I’ve been eying a nice AR pistol…and I’ve been known to pull the ol Christmas Story “hey, what’s that over in that corner? It looks like one more gift…what it’s for me? What a surprise!! Look it’s a (insert item I purchased for myself)!!! I’ve always wanted one of these!!! Thank you Santa Clause!!” :laughing:


Ammo and HiViz sights for my Security 9.

But, since we don’t do commercial Christmas in our house, oh well.


I’m with JamesR on this one I might have to Santa myself the AR I want and a case of ammo



@RocketPak oh no… you didn’t… :laughing:

yep. you did.
shopping now. :rofl:

ETA: Camo… just sayin’

or personalized:

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Extra mags.

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It could be for any gifting occasion. :slight_smile:

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In that case, I need to find some really BIG stockings!:wink:


I think we’ve officially entered Christmas-shopping season… or at least that’s what the store decorations tell me :roll_eyes:

Found some cool stocking-stuffer items here:

the pipe cleaners with the bristles in them are cool…

if you’re looking for bigger items I think the old-school cleaning mat is pretty awesome

Just saw these
2nd Amendment Challenge Coin - Second Amendment Coin - Designed by Military Veterans!

And this:
Sons Of Liberty “Good Girls Carry Guns”. T-Shirt