Getting your license to carry in Puerto Rico

I am putting this out here in case anyone on the internet is searching and is getting inaccurate information.

If you are moving to Puerto Rico and have guns, you better mail them to an ffl, the police will seize them at the airport and tell you they’ll return the guns when you have your license to carry. The problem is the amount of time it takes to get your license and the cost!

It does not cost $200 to get a license, it costs $400, $200 for the license, $100 for the process, another $100 for the mandatory class you must take which includes an afternoon at the shooting range with your instructor.

This is the part that infuriated me the most. If you search around the internet, you’ll find that every articles and blog says it takes 45 days to receive your license to carry in the mail. No it doesn’t. After you have completed your course and paperwork with the Gun Shop, you must make an appointment with the police department, the appointments are backed up 1 year!!! The guns they took from me at the airport are auctioned off after 30 days, so they have basically stolen my weapons!

If you have plans to move to PR make your appointment at this website asap and then start the process for your license at a gun shop: REAL

Click on: Ciudadanos sin licensia (Citizens without license) and select the license type with the number 168.

Just pick an address in pr off google maps to make an appointment if you don’t already have an address.

FYI, PR is a US territory, people complain about California’s gun laws, PR is even more draconian.


My license set me back $20 plus the cost of the LTC class, $65. Good for 5 years.

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My license sent me back 130 bucks, lifetime license.

@AmericanRanger Welcome to the community! We are glad to have you! Thank you for the information! I’m considering vacationing in PR. Maybe not!!

MO statutes offer a lifetime license, BUT no sheriff in MO is offering a lifetime license. I wish they did because the new “white house” staff might make it difficult to renew a license somehow. A lifetime license would leave the holder intact in that instance. 5 years currently, but lifetime would be the best! Just a few thoughts.