New Gun Laws in Puerto Rico - Reciprocity?

Has anyone heard if Puerto Rico will honor any State Permit in reciprocity with the new gun laws in effect on 1 January? Many of us love to visit family and vacation on the island and that would be GREAT!

According to this article “Puerto Rico will recognize all other firearm permits issued in the United States or territories of the United State.” however, I have not seen anything “official” in any forum…

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I haven’t seen anything as of yet, but I can say that if that turns out to be true. Puerto Rico may very well become my Caribbean island tourism destination of choice.

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It already is for me, but being able to carry my legally permitted firearm will make even MORE appealing!

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It appears as if the new law goes into effect on 1/1/20 and they will recognize all other state permits. The law is written in Spanish so I cannot read it and would not trust a translator program to accurately translate it for me. Here is some information but I cannot guarantee accuracy.
I guess we will need to see if USCCA has looked at this @Dawn? I would want to hear from a lawyer in PR about this.


There may be a hitch in acquiring ammunition and being allowed to bring ammunition in. You will really have to take a wait and see approach with this one. Plus, what is the PR standard for self defense? There are so many things that need to be addressed.


I called the Police Headquarters (787) 793-1234, Firearms Licensing Division, and the person who answered the phone told me that they expect to have more definite answers to reciprocity and other questions after January 2nd.

The applicable section in the new law is translated as follows:

Puerto Rico Weapons Act of 2020
Law No. 168 of December 11, 2019
Article 2.02.-Weapons License.

Article 2.02. (E) (9) Persons with a weapons license from other jurisdictions, in order to have the same rights and privileges enjoyed by persons with a weapons license from Puerto Rico, shall comply with the requirements of this Act. At the same time, they must inform the Weapons Licensing Office, in case they intend to introduce one or more weapons and / or ammunition to Puerto Rico. The Commissioner shall provide through regulations, the manner in which said notification will be made.

Apparently the Police Commissioner is still working on the procedures… I plan to travel there for Spring Break and hopefully we will know by then.


Please keep us up to date


Absolutely. Will do.


Yes, I would be very interested as well.

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Just saw the posting today.

BLUF: I highly doubt the PR Government will consider any kind of reciprocity anytime soon. I, as one who was born and raised in the island (but no longer living there) would lover it to happen. lets see if the locals make it happen in the future. But the new law (not perfect) is a step in the right direction.

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Please keep us posted. I am planning a trip in November and I need to find out about this.

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I spoke to the guys at last week who said they won’t update their site until the text is officially published in English. That might never happen.

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The law already passed. Done deal.

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I just got off the phone with sergeant Ramirez of the Puerto Rico Police Headquarters. Their number is (787) 793-1234, press 9 for English, then press 2 for the directory by department, and finally press 4 for Gun Permits.

Here is the deal: According to the guns regulation ( - in Spanish only), Article 2.18, on page 38, loosely translated here:

“Individuals with firearms licenses from other jurisdictions, to have the same rights and privileges enjoyed by person with a Puerto Rico firearms license, must meet the 168-2019 law requirements. The Commissioner of the Puerto Rico Police Bureau (PRPB) could establish memorandums of understanding (MOU) with States and/or territories of the Unites States which have requirements similar to those established in the 168-2019 law.
Once the Commissioner of the PRPB establishes those MOUs, the persons that meet the established requirements and intend to introduce one or more firearms or ammunition to Puerto Rico, must notify the Division of Firearms Registry and Licensing. Such notification would be done by submitting Form PPR-1062 entitled “Notification of Intention to Introduce Firearms and/or Munitions”, five (5) working days prior to introducing the firearms and/or munitions into Puerto Rico. When available, this notification can be done online, through this link: In that case, the firearms will be registered in the REAL Plus system.”

The sergeant said that NO MOU HAVE BEEN SIGNED YET WITH ANY STATE. Only non-resident individuals with a LEOSA license are allowed to carry in Puerto Rico at this time. He does not expect to have any MOUs finalized and approved until next year… MAYBE by January, and that is optimistic. The pandemic has delayed many of their processes, including this effort.

So… we must wait…

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I was looking yesterday as well and found that there is currently no “official translation” of the law to English.