Traveling to Puerto Rico with out of state CCL (Reciprocity) 2021


Since Puerto Rico has become a gun friendly territory as of 2020, we are now able to see Puerto Rico’s Gun laws added to the Reciprocity map on the USCCA page. Has anyone flown to Puerto Rico with their firearm yet as of 2021 using your out of state concealed carry permit? I do realize that one needs to submit Form PPR-1062 entitled “Notification of Intention to Introduce Firearms and/or Munitions”, five (5) working days prior to introducing the firearms and/or munitions into Puerto Rico, but I have not heard of anyone successfully exercising their right to carry their firearm with their Concealed Carry Permits. Now there are some who say yes and others who say no to carrying in Puerto Rico since there has not been any MOU’s (Memorandum of understanding) established between Puerto Rico and the states. I’m going to Puerto Rico in the next couple of months and want to do this the safest legal way possible. thank you