Had a simple question that just got bigger. I’ve been reading and watching info on suppressors. Not one mention about cleaning one ! Don’t they get incredibly fouled after a practice session?
Then, I think they are not legal in Illinois ? Wouldn’t one be beneficial on a home defense arm? Wouldn’t a 70+ yr. old defender be completely deaf after a couple of rounds fired in the hallway or bathroom without ear protection?


Having shot a firearm in an enclosed space, in a house and car. On a hook next to my headboard I have ear pro. Regular stuff your ear type and electronic.

I would highly suggest it as a course of action. If you have not had the experience of firing rounds off in an enclosed space. Trust me, it hurts.


Absolutely! While it is not my intent to endorse any particular brand, I am asking that you consider this information as a process, which may differ between brands. Otherwise, discharging a gun in a hallway without one would definitely contribute to some ring tones, lol. It is the seemingly little things that threatens us, isn’t it, that can make a whole world of difference? Imma seriously consider going to git me one now…

Check out this link: SureFire Suppressor Cleaning and Maintenance Tips | SureFire News


Before buying any suppressor make sure you thoroughly understand how to clean it, and how often.


John Lovell over on the Warrior Poet Society, did a video for his channel about using a suppressor vs not using one. His thought process is similar to mine. If I am being home invaded I want all my neighbors to hear and know there is fire arms being discharged in my home. Hopefully they get the Police :police_car::rotating_light: coming my way sooner than I can. Until I know the scene is safe as far as the invader(s), I won’t have the time to call. Hopefully, my wife is calling while I am defending our home, but until it happens I won’t know if she does as we have trained.

That’s why ear pro is so close to me in my home.



Stick an ear plug in one ear. Wont be completely deaf. LOL

While discharging a firearm inside with a suppressor will still make your bells ring, it’s a lot better than the alternative. Especially if your muzzle device is a brake.


I guess I could hold a flash light and put a finger in my weak-side ear. Maybe I’ll practice that !


Yep for sure

Blast with the flash

The flash isn’t as bad as the concussive blast for me personally. I have a primary arms m4-72 on one of my guns. It is the harshest for me of all I’ve tried in terms of gas and angle of blast, but it’s incredibly effective.

Thats for sure I agree on that