Genuises break gun laws to complain about gun laws


Would love to see some hoplophobes jailed by their own irrational anti gun laws. But I’m not holding my breath that they will be held accountable.


Same. SAF is asking the Justice Dept to investigate. The Justice Department has proven itself to be very selective about the cases is chooses, and high-profile investigations are often more about politics than laws. SAF knows there will be no investigation, but they got a story written about them and got their position out there, so good on them, I guess.

As for whether NBC should be prosecuted, that’s a little tricky. I haven’t seen this particular piece, but we’ve all seen stories where- for example- they sneak a gun past TSA. They’re in violation at that point, but they get a pass because they’re proving a point. NBC might have technically violated a law, but given that they relied on the Pennsylvania AG (perhaps because they knew they were violating laws?), they’ll get some cover on this story.

On the flip side of that, going through the Pennsylvania AG kind of waters down the point they’re trying to make. They want to show that “ghost guns” are a big problem, but how many criminals are buying kits and parts and then having state level bureaucrats finish the work?


David Daleiden was punished for his undercover work on Planned Parenthood.

What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.


Was he exposing sale of body parts? Some really awful crime got swept under the rug, and the journalist got punished. I even vaguely recall the prosecutor in the case… she had unique laughter, if you can call it that.


Yeah, that one. He touched the third rail by going after Planned Parenthood. The claws and fangs came for him immediately. The fact that Planned Parenthood officials were caught on camera illegally selling human body parts was quickly forgotten, because they’re Planned Parenthood.


This is EXACTLY how they are going to win elections!
How do you say in American. Modus Operandi!

I’ve come to the conclusion that this entire administration are
Arsonist Firefighters. There is NO other explanation.


I respectfully disagree I KNOW an other explanation. Law abiding criminals.
One explanation is optometrist and one is pessimistic but I can’t figure out which is which.
I can’t figure out why ghost guns are illegal; are people more likely to commit a crime if they have a ghost gun. If they haven’t figured out guns are for saving lives. Maybe we need to put more effort into teaching people that gun are for saving lives. My 2¢.