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TAKE YOUR PICK: With four separate reticles from which to choose, it’s tough to go wrong with the HD7.

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Hi. Speaking of gear we love, I have a pistol you guys have dropped the ball on. I’ve had my Rami for almost a year, and as incredible as it was to shoot and handle out of the box, attaching a Burris red dot on a milled slide makes it unbeatable. The red dot compensates for its short sight radius. The CZ is legendary for its precision, accurac;y, capacity, dependability, and to achieve its reduction in weight, utilizes alloy metal vs polymer.

I’m not sure what you mean, @Michael368? Did you see this blog post?

I do seem to remember reading the article. Re-reading it though gives one a lack luster impression. The reviewer was testing a .40 cal. version. The 9mm version is an absolute joy to shoot. I did have a gunsmith rework the trigger and mill the slide to accept a Burris red dot, and I absolutely love this little pistol.
I believe the Rami is better suited for the lighter recoil of the 9. It has the low bore axis, sufficient weight, rubber textured grips, precision fit, negligible muzzle flip, capacity, and dimensions to maike it an excellent CC choice.

Mike Cesin