Dodged a Bullet today-figuratively speaking

So I treated myself with a trip to the BIG gun store today and took my daughter along, cause she’s great. We picked up some ammo and targets, a new mag for my Security 9, and some little doodads. Saw a lot of pretty rifles in the racks, including a used Henry model of the Quigley gun in 45-70. Only $900! There were also many pretty new pistols in the cases; very nice stuff.

Then came the defining moment. We made our way to the display case full of used handguns. A nice GP 100 in .357 w/4" barrel. Tempting, but still out of budget. A shiny stainless RIA 1911 with pearl grips in .45acp. I think it was around $450 or so. Then my daughter calls me over to see a CZ 100 9mm. It is clean and looks like it has barely been fired. I picked it up.and it felt pretty good in my grip. Comes with three mags, a case, and screw adjustable rear sights. I must-read the price tag at first. I thought it said $299, but on second look it was only $229!

The thoughts started churning! I have a baby Taurus I should be able to get $100 for on trade in, so $129 in cash. I drove home and immediately went to the web for info and reviews. Turns out this model was CZ 's first attempt at a striker fired polymer frame pistol in 1995, and it’s DAO. A reviewer on the USCCA blog calls it the benchmark for bad triggers. Very long, hard pull with tremendous stacking right before firing and long reset. He couldn’t find enough words to fully communicate how bad this trigger was. Oh, as it’s ugly, too.

So, not going back for it Tuesday. sigh The hunt continues.


Better to continue the hunt and find something you really like than to get one because it’s available and cheap… that goes for guns too, @David38. :rofl:

I’m glad to hear the blog review helped!

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