CZ 2075 RAMI 40 Cal

I was able to pick up this firearm at a bargain basement price, and always wanted a CZ.
However, after reading about it, I’ve seen where owners have problems with failure to feed with the 40 cal in particular.
I’ve seen that some owners replaced the magazine springs, and this seemed to help.
Any knowledge of this problem and solutions would be appreciated. If the firearm is not going to be dependable, I’m not sure I got such a bargain.

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Are you going to use it for self defence?

I’m asking because I was (I think I’m not anymore, however I still like few models) big fan od CZ, especially 75 model.
Definitely there is no single complain about CZ75. I liked P-07/09 and P-10 series… but CZ 2075 RAMI always has been big disappointment.
I do not have any experience with 40cal, but I see the problems are not related to caliber.
I’m the person who try be independent from particular manufacturer and I’m very critical when tools are not doing exactly what were designed for. RAMI is one of them.

Why 40S&W? You can ask yourself what might be reason, CZ dropped this caliber from RAMI and P series long time ago?

My advice - if you already found issues and do not have time to deal with them… change the handgun.

So - answering my question from beginning - YES? Better change the handgun. NO? You can deal with issues, hopefully fixing them, but I’m not sure if you will love the tool forever.

I hope other CZ fans are not mad at me about this opinion… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It would be used for defense. However, I have 3 days to inspect it, and return it if not satisfied.
I should have just gone with a S&W MP in .40 cal.
Actually was looking for a Glock 27, but things seem to be in short supply, or I just missed finding one.
I realize there have been volumes written on 9mm vs
40 cal, but I have 2 nice 9’s, just wanted to go with a 40.
Thanks for your informative reply.

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I’m known at this Community as “no Glock” person… not anti Glock, just person who cannot find relationship with Glocks.

But I can tell, if you can choose between these 3… I recommend G27, then M&P40 Shield and … that’s it. RAMI won’t be on my list :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
This is also something good to consider:
H&K P2000SK.

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Most of my carry guns are Smith and Wesson M&P’s. My full time carry is the 9c. At the time S&W was the first to come out with the adjustable back strap and I have small hands, All of the Glocks at the time were to large. I have never had a problem with any of my M&P’s with a lot of rounds down range. I have the full size and the compact in each caliber.

Probably should start a another post, but; the RAMI hadn’t even been shipped, so it was no problem. However, I ran across a LE trade-in, and leaped before I looked that closely. I purchased an M&P 40 cal, but it’s the full size firearm, and I had wanted the compact.
Not sure if I’ll keep it or possibly just have my local shop sell it for me; I’m sure I can get my money back, even with his 10% commission. I’ll see, but a firearm with a barrel over 4” probably won’t work very well for an EDC.

All depends HOW are you going to carry it.
You may be surprised that sometimes 5" barrel can be concealed well.
I’m able to carry 5" 2011 pistol OWB during cold weather. It works perfectly fine.
But if you want to stick with single pistol for whole year and use IWB, you may be right with 4" limit. Oh… you can also easily carry IWB 4.25" - I’ve been doing this with M&P9 → even appendix carry !

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Thanks jerzy, and other contributing members. Null case, since I did just have the weapon placed on consignment. If I want to go that route, I’ll go for the Glock 29 10mm; would like to go with the Sig 220 10mm, but money is a consideration…

if the money plays the role and you think about 10mm, you may want to wait for M&P10MM. It should be less expensive that G29 with more bullets on the board.

I think the S&W 10mm lists 15+1, which is the same as the G20, IIRC. I wonder how they were able to fit that into the 10 round 45 frame though. The G21 is a 13+1 45.